Saturday, July 14, 2007

I might have seen the birth of a new star

If you look at the label for this post you will realise that the astronomy one is strangely lacking. Well the reason is quite simple it as nothing to do with astronomy. A few months ago I met a girl online on a dating site and while we didn't hook up or anything we did become great friends. Well this girl wants to be a signer and change the world and yesterday was her first ever concert as an artist. I can tell you that she is not one of those Star Academie/American Idol kind of predisgested star you'll see these day.

No this is one person I could see as a true star a girl that could sing a song that would end a war (if you don't get the reference it's Macross). She as a voice that eclipse every other voice I have heard, rich strong and beautifull. And she does look amazing on stage. I am pretty sure she will succed and become very famous (tho probably not rich... she too generous for riches) and once she is well I'll have the honor of having one of her first autograph, and some of the best pictures of her first show. No I won't be posting them here, even if she wants to be famous I don't have her permission for it and since most of not all the 300 pictures I took are of her well... You'll see her when she become famous!

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