Monday, July 23, 2007

Dating site and stuff

I was reading a post about friendship between men and woman on another blog and it had a link to Marc Boilard's web site. For those of you who do not know Marc Boilard, he is a self proclamed master of seduction who has an interesting saying: "Their is two type of guy in the world, those that buy the bras and those that unhook them." As most people I'd prefer to in the second group (well as most heterosexual guy and some lesbian I'm guessing). But anyway back to the web site, it features a dating site section... where: woman rules. Now, with the usual 10 to 1 men to woman ratio in most dating site I fail to see how this is a new concept. On most dating site woman can chose to reject guy simply by their pictures, or if they don't like the title of the mail they send them of for whatever other reason... just like Boilard's site in fact.

Strangely I don't wonder why this is the case, I've already said that I belive it is a lot easier for a woman to find a guy that it is for a guy to find a woman (with a few notable exception). Also most of the woman I know are a little "affraid" of the internet and technology or simply not technosavi (there are more exception to this rule however). Those two factors combined make the number of male on dating site disproportionally high. And there is one last thing, most profile are dead boring, I'm guessing that just about 90% of the people there like: good wine and diner with friends and the great outdoors. Oh well their are some interesting people there.. I hope cause I'm still on one. No, not Boilard's.

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