Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back from CASCA 2007

One of the reason I haven't been posting in the recent past is that I was preparing for the CASCA 2007 meeting where I had a 15 minutes presentation to do. Now the meeting was last week in Kingston Ontario at the Royal Military college of Canada which in my opinion is a puzzeling place to hold a meeting but I disgress.

I had a lot of fun over there, meet lots of interesting people, drank way too much beer and learned a few things... such as:

* I like astrophysics, but not to the point of making my life out of it. Most of the talk should have interested me and I found it not to be the case but at all. Most people end up talking about astrophysic during the meeting I wanted to talk about everything but astrophysics...

* Apparently being interested in military history and is a freaky weird things. I took pictures of the WWII era german tank displayed on the RMC ground and got strange look from people at the meeting.

* There are some very cute girl in astrophysics and I apparently can flirt with them with some success. By sucess I mean that she seemed to be interested or at least continued to flirt with me.

* I seem to have more luck with english speaking woman then french speaking one.. at least english woman that want to learn french.

* I love tomatoes, almost to the point of being addicted. I had the weirdest craving for them while in Kingston and never had the opportunity to eat any fresh one.

* The canadian military as sucky barracks for it officer in trainning. Seriously it was cold, unconfortable, with communial showers. While I do expect the military to have that stuff I don't expect them to submit civilian coming for a conference to that.

* Going south make things cold... well no, but Kingston was cold as hell for most of the week which increased the problem of the room by an order of magnitude.

* Talks about alternative job for astronomer means talking about having a job as an astronomer apparently. That one talk that really disappointed me, I wanted to see that talk and ended up thinking I wasted almost two hours.

* I'm weird enough to ask autograph (and get them) from slightly weird and famous astronomer, that's great no?

Oh well that my report from CASCA, if you want to see some pictures just comments about them and I'll try to post the less embarassing ones. The embarassing one are to be kept for future blackmail entreprise.

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