Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yesterday while I was out with a girl, she told me that I looked younger then my age. Sometime later a friend of her joined us and also remarqued that I looked younger then I actually was. Well I should probably put it on the fact that they where both younger then me but still I must wonder if it is a compliment or if I should be worried. Do I actually look younger then I am or am I just too immature to look my age? interesting question don't you think?

Now, as I can hear the gears in yofed's head turning about that first sentense in the previous paragraph I'll give some detail about why I was out with this girl. First off i only met her recently at a party, and after tasting the Ron Miel from the canary island she invited me out for a drink to try something that should have tasted the same (an uppercut). After many e-mails exchange (she is hard to reach by phone and work strange hours) we finally manage to set up a time for this i.e yesterday. It was a nice evening all in all, and I think I might have made a nice friend, and found a girl to go get a drink or two once in a while with. And I did get the slight ego boost of being told that I look younger then I am.


Piccolo said...

Ne t'enfle pas trop la tête avec ces allures plus jeune!!! Tu as quand même l'air plus vieux que moi! hi,hi,hi

anyflower said...

Hmmm dunno. I pretty much always thought you looked your age, no more (definetly not) and not less really. May be a compliment but I think it was a plain neutral comment. Woman usually don't mind guys who look older or younger, I think. Well... I don't. So take the comment as you please and stop asking yourself those silly questions when you go to grab a drink with a woman in a bar! The first thing you'll know is that she asked you out and you didn't notice , lol .