Monday, May 14, 2007

A tread in French that is annoying the hell out of me.

I've noticed a tread in French news paper and in french texts these days that is annoying the hell out of me: the capitalisation of some letter in a word to denote inclusion of the feminine form. If you don't see what I mean here is a few exemple: employéEs, QuébecoisEs. Not only does it look stupid, but it fails to do what I 'm guessing is the goal of the process. Namely to place the feminine form on the same level as the masculine form and as such show equality between the sexes. Sorry but when I read that I don't think how nice masculine and feminine togethere equaly, I think: Oh here we go again some frustated weirdo is trying to make feminine the definitive form by saying it would be equalitarian. Cause lets face it this isn't a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine form but a feminine form with the feminine terminaison capitalised so that you absolutly cannot miss it. In a way it read like: screw the masculine what's important is the feminine form, you see we even capitalize it so that you can't miss it that we want the feminine form to be what we are talking about.

Now this is just about as silly as the people that wanted to teach herstory instead of history. If want to generalize invent a neutral pronoun and determinant in french that will be used to refere to mixte groupe of people with it's own special terminaison. That would make everyone equal and wouldn't look stupid.

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anyflower said...

"teach herstory instead of history" yea well, I think it would've been a very good title for a novel or something but all depends on the context, such is the case for the capitalizing of the E letter. Would sound ok in a nursing union tract as we pretty much are all women. The think is that being politically correct takes so much place, just like those (bugging) "accommodements raisonnables" (can't hear about those anymore or I'll blow a fuse!). Everything has to include everyone. I think Quebecers are developping a 6th sense: the sense of ridiculous (and pardon me the pun there, it's a very known frenchism).