Friday, May 04, 2007

Suggestion please

Well I'm thinking about changing the pictures for my profile, while my cat is cute and all it doesn't really represent me or my personality. So I'm asking you my dear reader (yep everyone of you... the 4 or five of you but hey don't tell anyone) if you have any suggestion about what picture I could use. Oh and one thing, naked picture of me will not be used so find another suggestion.


yofed said...

A picture of a typical geek? Or Einstein for his great haircut?

Piccolo said...

Moi, je mettrais une photo de toi enfant ou toi dans les cadets! Histoire de rire un peu et de montrer que même si t'es un peu "nerdz" tu ris de toi aussi!!! hi,hi,hi

anyflower said...

I vote for the troll or the dragon from your movie!!! Unless you have a picture of you during your initiation when you entered university :)