Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The paradox of politics

Another survey claims that politicien are amongts the people the population trust the less. But they remain the people we select to manage the country... Isn't it a strange thing you take the people you wouldn't lend money too and give them the power to basically make decision for the whole country.

Well some might answer that it is because we have no other choice any time someone wants to manage the country he as to go into politic and instantly become untrustable. I think it might be because of the lack of responsability of politician. They are never held accountable for their mistake or lies and it is a problem for the health of our system. The sponsorship scandal is a good exemple of this: no politician where accused of having anything to do with it... isn't it strange for something that came from a political effort to "win" Quebec back to Canada?

I think that the people forming the governement should be held responsable for their action, and not just while they are in office. Say for exemple that someone give a big governement contract to a compagnie in his county and that a few years latter this contract is revealed to have been a terrible mistake. Well that person should at least have to answer questions to determine is the contract was awarded on good faith or if it was awarded to a friend. The goal of the governement and people in it should be that the country get the best possible value for it's buck (not the cheapest thing). Failure to do that should be investigated and foulplay punished.

Let us not forget that elected official are civil servant not civil rulers. They are elected to serve the people of the country, not to lord over them.

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