Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mind reading just around the corner?

While surfing the news this morning I came upon this interesting technological news. A brainwave reading toy, how nice... and worry some, true the technologie only appears to be able to know if you are concentrating or not but who knows where it might lead in the future. Mind reading would be something fantastical for paralysed patient (particullary those that couldn't talk), and probably to understand each other better. What boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't dreamth it could understand really what his significant other thought... but that could also be a big problem just imagine all the straight thoughts we have and how some would ruin your relationship with someone (you know just a little damn she's annoying when you are arguing and it might be over.)

Really I am against amazed at what we are trying and succeding at. Next step, faster then light travel and time travel! Well maybe not the next step but if we can do mind reading what else can we do?

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