Friday, May 11, 2007

Look fat, shows stupidity

Well another article from CNN today, I guess not blogging for a few day lowers my standard about what I will blog aboug. Apparently two girls who bared their middrift at a lacrosse game to support their team and got a picture of the event posted on the front page of their school newspaper thought they looked fat on the picture. So they did what any good intelligent person out there would do: they stole over a 100 copy of the paper! Proving to the world that non only they think themself fat but they lack the basic logical reasoning process to live in a society. Come on if everyone that thought a picture of them on a newspaper or somewhere else made them look fat stole a few copies it would be a national sport! And seriously from the small picture I can see on CNN none of the girls are fat enought to be scared of doing that kind of stunt and be seen on the front page of a newspaper...

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