Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dancing with the non-stars

Yesterday, all my trouble seemed so ... euh no that not it. Yesterday was the first time I actually applied my dance lessons to actual dancing. You know as in in a bar, with people and music and confusion and risk of injury from high heels and stuff like that. It's started innocently enought with a pratice session in this bar, two hours later (well with about 60 peoples present it takes some times to practice all that we have seens you know) we had the whole bar to ourself and started our crazy dancing. Well maybe not crazy as it was Salsa but still. So I've danced with a couple of woman (ok more like a dozen) and had a lot of fun. Well the fact aht I was complimented on my dancing probably help, apparently I am amongts the best dancer of our group (at least according to the womans I danced with). Well anyway I now no that I basically love dancing isn't nice?

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