Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The paradox of politics

Another survey claims that politicien are amongts the people the population trust the less. But they remain the people we select to manage the country... Isn't it a strange thing you take the people you wouldn't lend money too and give them the power to basically make decision for the whole country.

Well some might answer that it is because we have no other choice any time someone wants to manage the country he as to go into politic and instantly become untrustable. I think it might be because of the lack of responsability of politician. They are never held accountable for their mistake or lies and it is a problem for the health of our system. The sponsorship scandal is a good exemple of this: no politician where accused of having anything to do with it... isn't it strange for something that came from a political effort to "win" Quebec back to Canada?

I think that the people forming the governement should be held responsable for their action, and not just while they are in office. Say for exemple that someone give a big governement contract to a compagnie in his county and that a few years latter this contract is revealed to have been a terrible mistake. Well that person should at least have to answer questions to determine is the contract was awarded on good faith or if it was awarded to a friend. The goal of the governement and people in it should be that the country get the best possible value for it's buck (not the cheapest thing). Failure to do that should be investigated and foulplay punished.

Let us not forget that elected official are civil servant not civil rulers. They are elected to serve the people of the country, not to lord over them.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scarring away girl, high level edition!

Well tonight I had the most impressive scarring away a girl experience. I contacted a girl on a dating site and between the time I received her first message and the time it took me to answer it she had deleted her profile... talk about scaring away girl. Oh well it's her lost right.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interesting fact of life from the Power ranger

here are insteresting facts of life I learned today by watching a few minutes of Power Ranger

When your high powered gun fail to penetrate a monster armor hit him with kicks and punch that sure to do it.

Spandex is the strongest armor known to men

Monster that fire lightning bolt at you are best tackled by flying drop kicks

University professor can survive almost any attack and translate every word of alien languages

Science knows the meaning of crop circle sign.

Punch and kick send spark flying from monster and people dressed in spendex.

When front side by a fireball you are thrown sideway

Sword are more usefull then gun when facing monsters even if your best weapon are still your kick and punch.

Very intersting facts no?

Pirate of the Caraibes: At World End

Well I'll give you a very short review for that movie: Go see it... now!

Seriously it is that good, of all the movie I've seen this years it easilly get the best movie award. That action is fact and impressive, the story is great with drama, humor and romance, the music track is simply amazing and their is no big fucking american flag in all the movie! I really loved the movie in short.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dancing with the non-stars

Yesterday, all my trouble seemed so ... euh no that not it. Yesterday was the first time I actually applied my dance lessons to actual dancing. You know as in in a bar, with people and music and confusion and risk of injury from high heels and stuff like that. It's started innocently enought with a pratice session in this bar, two hours later (well with about 60 peoples present it takes some times to practice all that we have seens you know) we had the whole bar to ourself and started our crazy dancing. Well maybe not crazy as it was Salsa but still. So I've danced with a couple of woman (ok more like a dozen) and had a lot of fun. Well the fact aht I was complimented on my dancing probably help, apparently I am amongts the best dancer of our group (at least according to the womans I danced with). Well anyway I now no that I basically love dancing isn't nice?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yesterday while I was out with a girl, she told me that I looked younger then my age. Sometime later a friend of her joined us and also remarqued that I looked younger then I actually was. Well I should probably put it on the fact that they where both younger then me but still I must wonder if it is a compliment or if I should be worried. Do I actually look younger then I am or am I just too immature to look my age? interesting question don't you think?

Now, as I can hear the gears in yofed's head turning about that first sentense in the previous paragraph I'll give some detail about why I was out with this girl. First off i only met her recently at a party, and after tasting the Ron Miel from the canary island she invited me out for a drink to try something that should have tasted the same (an uppercut). After many e-mails exchange (she is hard to reach by phone and work strange hours) we finally manage to set up a time for this i.e yesterday. It was a nice evening all in all, and I think I might have made a nice friend, and found a girl to go get a drink or two once in a while with. And I did get the slight ego boost of being told that I look younger then I am.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A tread in French that is annoying the hell out of me.

I've noticed a tread in French news paper and in french texts these days that is annoying the hell out of me: the capitalisation of some letter in a word to denote inclusion of the feminine form. If you don't see what I mean here is a few exemple: employéEs, QuébecoisEs. Not only does it look stupid, but it fails to do what I 'm guessing is the goal of the process. Namely to place the feminine form on the same level as the masculine form and as such show equality between the sexes. Sorry but when I read that I don't think how nice masculine and feminine togethere equaly, I think: Oh here we go again some frustated weirdo is trying to make feminine the definitive form by saying it would be equalitarian. Cause lets face it this isn't a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine form but a feminine form with the feminine terminaison capitalised so that you absolutly cannot miss it. In a way it read like: screw the masculine what's important is the feminine form, you see we even capitalize it so that you can't miss it that we want the feminine form to be what we are talking about.

Now this is just about as silly as the people that wanted to teach herstory instead of history. If want to generalize invent a neutral pronoun and determinant in french that will be used to refere to mixte groupe of people with it's own special terminaison. That would make everyone equal and wouldn't look stupid.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spider Man 3 revisited

Yesterday I went to see spidermen 3 again, well not really again as I was seeing the IMAX version and torturing myself to the french translation (which interestingly wasn't the worst thing in the movie but came at a close third). The first and foremost annoying thing was a computer clitch in the IMAX sound system that cause everyone sound (including dialogue) to be out of sinc by about 1 seconde. That might not sound like much but trust me it is increadibly annoying. Think about it you hear someone scream duck about at the same time the person raise from ducking. Or you hear a belt sounding after you see the effect of the sound. But this problem got me a free IMAX ticket, so it is not has bad as it could have been. The second most annoying thing was of course the same thing that annoyed the hell out of me the first time I saw the movie: THAT BIG DAMN FUCKING TWENTY MILLIONS FEET TALL IN FOCUS, SPIDER MAN POSING IN FRONT OF AMERICAN FLAG! Enought said. And finally the french translation, it's not bad but some part of the movie are weird in french because part of the dialogue is strangely translated. In short I won't be seeing that movie for a third time and I certainly won't buy the DVD.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Look fat, shows stupidity

Well another article from CNN today, I guess not blogging for a few day lowers my standard about what I will blog aboug. Apparently two girls who bared their middrift at a lacrosse game to support their team and got a picture of the event posted on the front page of their school newspaper thought they looked fat on the picture. So they did what any good intelligent person out there would do: they stole over a 100 copy of the paper! Proving to the world that non only they think themself fat but they lack the basic logical reasoning process to live in a society. Come on if everyone that thought a picture of them on a newspaper or somewhere else made them look fat stole a few copies it would be a national sport! And seriously from the small picture I can see on CNN none of the girls are fat enought to be scared of doing that kind of stunt and be seen on the front page of a newspaper...

Nice, very nice

I've always wanted to see a greater implication of big internet compagny into the astronomical research and it seems I will get to see this. According to this article on CNN google is going to work with astronomer in the futur LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) and it should provide the world with terabytes of astronomical data that the public will be able to access. That should be really nice for astronomy and provide a wide ranging outreach unpossible before.

All told this is very nice, much more interesting then Boisclair's much anticipated departure from the PQ leadership (which I'm not gonna comment about you probably already know what I think of the men and his decision to quit didn't change it.)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The World of Darkness reality

As a matter of curiosity I've been reading the characters for the introduction adventure to each of the new World of Darkness games. It seem apparently that 1 in 5 (or 2 in 5 in case of vampire) people that become (are) supranatural creature in that universe are amazingly beautifull. Yep of all the merits in the game in EVERY demo adventure at least one character (always female... I wonder if that tells us anything about the white wolf staff) posses the striking look merits, basically is so beautifull that you can't help notice and react well to his/her presence. In the vampire demo, every female character posses it, making me wonder if vampire don't just make beautifull woman vampire. Well that would explain the facination of guy with the female vampire but isn't that just a little stereotyped? Oh well it does seems strange that the world of darkness would have so many beautifull supranature creature to illuminate it's days and night.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spider Man 3

So yesterday I went and saw Spider Man 3, well you didn't expect me to wait for a new movie did you? Without giving away anything I must say that I had a great time and that if just one tiny winny scene was removed from the movie it would have been an amazing movie. Now before you go and scream for it to get an oscar or something remember that it is a super hero movie and that means some pretty cheesy stuff must happen. Anyway I advice you to go and see it and see if you can guess which scene I would have removed.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Suggestion please

Well I'm thinking about changing the pictures for my profile, while my cat is cute and all it doesn't really represent me or my personality. So I'm asking you my dear reader (yep everyone of you... the 4 or five of you but hey don't tell anyone) if you have any suggestion about what picture I could use. Oh and one thing, naked picture of me will not be used so find another suggestion.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nothing helps build computer chip!

Yeah you read right their is nothing like nothing to help make better computer chip. It doesn't make any sense you say? Well that cause you're wrong, vaccuum is the best thing to happen to chip since sliced bread (well maybe not that far back since chip didn't exist back them). You see IBM as apparently found a way to create vacuum between circuit in computer chips, and vacuum is a much better insolator then just about anything else we might have. Wich mean that you have less electricity leakage between circuits, which mean they can run faster AND use less electricity doing so. Quite an insteresting way of doing stuff don't you think?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mind reading just around the corner?

While surfing the news this morning I came upon this interesting technological news. A brainwave reading toy, how nice... and worry some, true the technologie only appears to be able to know if you are concentrating or not but who knows where it might lead in the future. Mind reading would be something fantastical for paralysed patient (particullary those that couldn't talk), and probably to understand each other better. What boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't dreamth it could understand really what his significant other thought... but that could also be a big problem just imagine all the straight thoughts we have and how some would ruin your relationship with someone (you know just a little damn she's annoying when you are arguing and it might be over.)

Really I am against amazed at what we are trying and succeding at. Next step, faster then light travel and time travel! Well maybe not the next step but if we can do mind reading what else can we do?