Saturday, April 21, 2007

What is that yellow stuff in the sky?

Yesterday for the first time in recorded memory something strange happened in the sky of Quebec city, well in fact two strange thing. First the sky shed it's usual grey colour to take on a strange blue tin that even us scientist where at loss to explain, the current theory claiming that copper oxides and nitrate reached critical density but event this theory is considered preliminary. The other phenomenon is utterly unexplainable: part of the sky, in fact a circular part of the sky as taken on a bright yellow colour, so bright in fact that it as been observed to cause blindness. This yellow ball also emit impressive quantities of heat and as ben blamed for an increase in temperature all over then city, even the province if preliminary report can be trusted. Scientist warn that if this yellow ball stay in our sky the temperature might raise to an unlivable 30 degree Celcius and that the governement should take step to preserve the ice that will be sure to melt.

Well all that to say that we had two amazing days in a row here in Quebec giving us our first taste of spring (and summer) bringing out the miniskirt and navel barring t-shirt. All in all a great time to be a guy and walk in the city.

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