Monday, April 16, 2007

Space the finale frontier...

Well apparently it's gonna be conquered by the cyberspace. Yep the "evil" Us departement of defense has announced founding for a project to extend the internet communication protocoles to space. What does that means exactly? Well frankly its probably too early to say and it might never really materialise. However if it works it could mean extended internet coverage (thanks to satellite no area of the world would be inaccessible to the internet), reduced satelite communication cost (as more and more bandwidth would have to be transported into space), increased develloppement of space based communication and reasearch, and of course satellite to satelite communication.

The last one probably offert the most opportunity for astrophysics, it could allow for autonomous space observatory. The kind of which could point multiple space telescope to a target that demonstrate peculiar behavior or interesting emission in a wavelenght range. It could also be used to build space interferometers and get more detailed information about an object.

all in all I think it is a great idea the only problem I can see might be the space clutter this could create but I'm sure we can find a way around that.

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yofed said...

I'm still reading you! I just have no comments, really, except that you don't write nearly often enough!