Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Something I bet you didn't expect to read

So in the category not politic and something you've never expected to read on my more then wonderfull blog (ok ok not so good blog) here is a new announcement about myself. I'll probably be starting to take dance leason in a few days. yeah I know you expected something more in the line of I've got a girlfriend but no their isn't even a shadow of one on the horizon.

But anyway here is the story of the dance leason: for a while now (8 weeks to be exact) two of my friends have been taking cuban salsa dance leasons and trying to recruit me and some other friend to the dance leason. After a while they told us they were free try out and succeded in convincing us to try. So tonight I went to try and actually had a lot of fun, a great lot of fun in fact. I'm thinking about getting registered for a class and learning to Salsa.

And beside someone tell me that most girl love a guy that know how to dance.. and it is a great exercice.