Friday, April 06, 2007

Sleepless in Quebec

Well it seems insomania is the flavor of the day, been laying in bed for an hour now and I'm guessing i could lay there for a few hour more before I got any sleep. My problem it seems is that I think too much, about nothing and anything, you know not stressfull though but thoughts none the less that keep my brain from goining into relaxing sleep mode. So well I'll be trying to make the most of this awake time and see if I can't find a new idea for my campaign, or write more stories in french (been neglecting my story blog for a long while now) or maybe I'm gonna draw something to hopefully get good enought at this activity. If I had a girlfriend at the moment I'd keep her awake the annoyance this would cause would probably be enought to tire me. Nah I'm just keeping I'd probably just try to relax and stuff like that.

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