Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shield technology?

An old war horse of space science fiction seems to be becoming an attractive real world idea: the Shield. As you can read in this article from the BBC scientist are thinking of "shield" like technology to protect space craft and spaceborn installation from the deadly solar radition. The idea is based on the magnetic field protecting the earth but as it has been shown long ago a magnetic field won't protect a spacecraft from the deadly radiation of space, the trick here is adding an "atmosphere" of plasma to reduce the energy of the incoming radiation. A very interesting trick I would say, and if it can increase the protection afforted to spaceship it would be a great boon for space exploration. Reducting the planning needed for long range mission, protecting the astronaut in case of a problem and being a all around interesting technology think of it: SHIELD!!! next step: warp drive (we already have PHASER and are working on teleporter)

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yofed said...

NO!!!! Really???

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