Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Reaping: asaathi movie review.

Well today i went to see the Reaping with a friend, if you've seen the preview you know it is a movie about a town experiencing what looks like biblical plague and a "scientific" trying to understand what "really" caused them. I'm guesing that by now you have figured that I did not like the movie, I found it pathetic, a good -2 out of 10.

Don't read on if you do not wish to read spoilers

first off the "scientific miracle debunker" former priest doesn't notice the many problem with the "plagues": river of blood... well check except for: the "lab report" was given to her by the same people that want the river to be real, this "human" blood doesn't have a pH (no not like have a pH of zero but more in the kind of being impossible to measure) which should make it just like that unhuman blood, the rain of frog... only happened in a very localised tree covered area known for it's climbing frog and so on.

Then their is of course the scientific reconversion to faith in god, well it would have been slightly belivable if it had happened after then plagues endent without explanation... not before the 7th just because her friend told her the devil could do it also. Next the reversal of the "Evil" of the movie is so cliche I predicted it when we first HEARD of the river of blood.

Not to mention that the thread left open for the sequel just made me sick and not in the good horror movie kind of way but more of like the that so crazy I've got to puke to hopefully forget it kinda way.

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