Thursday, April 05, 2007

Posting about something else

So I've got a problem, yeah a simple but annoying problem I want to blog about something else then the sorry state of Quebec politic and/or health care system but there are so many thing to say that I have trouble finding something else to blog about. Beside I am guessing some of you are tired of hearing me comment on Quebec's political life particullary when I'm not such a good analyst of it.

In an effort to distance myself from the political landscape I'll talk about Stargate and most sci-fi unverse. One thing that is commun in Sci-Fi (and perhaps even more so in the Stargate franchise) is the existance of working state of the art hyper advanced technological wonder from hyper advanced civilisation from time past. Most of these artifacts are military related remainant from previous wars and some such... well I've got a question for you, as anyone ever found a 1800's battleship anywhere in the world in working condition? Millitary assets are seldom abandonned in working condition during a war and are seldom build to last centuries unattended. Also do you really think that anyone from our century would be capable of successfully operating a complex piece of military hardware from the past or the future? And what up with leaving only weapons and military hardware behind, were not most of those advanced civilisation peacefull and enlightened?

Oh well it's Sci-fi it doesn't have to be logical but still.

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