Monday, April 09, 2007

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking, well I do that a lot but this time I've been thinking about something specific concerning the dating world. Yes there is such a thing as a dating world very different from the in couple world so please just hear me out. Woman seems to be partly an incarnation of Murphy's law at least for good guy or maybe not so bad guy (cause I'm starting to hesitate calling myself a good guy), see most if not all woman in the dating world will claim that they wish to meet a friend that will later become a lover or more honestly someone they will pursue relationship with (cause frankly from the stats I heard loving isn't something you get from relationship). However any good guy, hell even most guy will tell you that their is nothing that kills a potential relationship faster then falling in the dreaded friend zone. You know that strange place where as a guy you aren't regarded as a potential boyfriend (or lover) but only as a "friend" and where most of your hope about a future relationship with the miss is crushed beyond hope of salvation.

So in a way girls are asking guy to be their friend to form a relationship so that in being their friend they can forget any chance of ever coming close to forming a relationship with them... see Murphy's law rearing it's ugly nose yet? Oh well that probably just one of my many random strange though about relationship that do not mean anything beside the fact that I'm not in one. My mind must really be twisted to allow this to follow a post about Elder God in France.. hmm french Elder God that might make a good movie.

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