Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well finally a post

I've been busy these past few days, first there was a conference I had to assist and they I had a friend over for the week end (and monday.) I'd like to talk a little about all of that, afterall it is my blog and it is intended in part to be a journal of my thoughts, wants and general strangeness. So the conference, well as for most conference that are not directly related to my research (or at least have a few talk directly related to it) it wasn't the scientific part that held most people attention but the social part... well come to think of it even in scientifically interesting conference the social part is more interesting then the listening to 15-30 minutes long talks (well we do have hour long talk but they are reserved for the most part for the invited speaker). So since most of you are not astronomers (or scientist, thank god) I'll skip the for the most part boring science part and go directly to the social life (yep weird astro people can have social life too, I know mind boogling.)

The first thing we learned in this meeting was that having your own "house" is a great way to host parties (even if the many boring people from Montreal prefere no to show up) and a very very very bad way to sleep. On the first night of the conference we thus had a party at our "house", which implied missing some of the talk to get beer before it became illegal to buy in Quebec. With a few (we started at around 9 and finished at 6 or something) people we decided to drink the 40 or so beer (and 1 bottle of wine) while talking about a little and nothing. When most of the people had left the party started to degenerate with the star of a game of truth or dare. Word of advice, never ever play truth or dare when all the Question are asked by one person and all of the dare are too... you'll be screwed. Knowing from previous experience that fact I decided not to play and went to sleep (well after being the prop for a kissing dare) quite unsucessfully. Many tibbits of information where "shared" during that game including the obligatory which is the girl you like in our research group and the not in any way obligatory if you could make the best girl out of the girl in the research group who would it be (apparently some girl breast are in highter demand then others...) The party then when on back to simply talking and ended up with a few tears thank to an ungratefull boss and his inhability to be honest. So that was day 1 total sleep time: 1 hours 45 minutes or so.

The second day party proved to be a lot calmer, well first the wine was dirt cheap.. and the beer wasn't much better (not to mention I was still feeling slightly hung over from the night before) discussion and silliness where the norm until I vanish for a few hours of sleep (In my defense I had a talk the following morning) however I heard how the party fell into degeneration... The same girl that proposed the truth or dare the previous night again proposed it... without any sucess this time but the party still went down... I have it from anonymous sources (well not really but I'm not about to name them on my blog) that it involved a naked guy, girl in their underwear, a jaccuzy, foot massages and painfull foot cuts I'll leave the details to your perverse imagination (if you don't have one well get a dirtier mind!)

After those hijinks you would think that I would take a few day off to recover, well you'd be wrong. I'd already promissed a friend of mine that she could come for the week end. So she came in friday night and we talked for a few.. hours getting to sleep way past 3 am. Before you get any perverted idea, she is unfortunatly just a friend (no benifits.) Like some of my other woman friends she is a musician (a singer/compositor to be exact) and while I would not pursue a relasionship with her (she as some issue with another guy.. namely thinking he is the man of her life) she is one of the VERY few woman I'd have sex with without behing in a relasionship. She is in my opinion amazingly beautifull and as the innocent girl next door vibe to a very sexy level. Anyway, we ended up talking for ours about little things, nothings and much you know like you do with a good friend (surprising since we have not known each other for long) and watching a few movies (and sharing a few meal). One of the movie countained one of the most male-ego destroying lines I've heard in a long time, just after having sex with her lover a woman tells him: "It was quite good, my husband has an enormous penis and we sometimes need vasoline." You could see in the actor's eye that it was hurting his pride. Anyway (again) I had a great week end with that girl, and I hope to see her again soon.

So that why i hadn't posted in a while, now you know, now you judge, now I post more often.

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