Thursday, March 08, 2007

Targetting the ADQ

I was listening to a radio debate this morning and apparently the ADQ is the main target of both major parties (the PLQ and PQ). On every question the mains points of each of the PLQ and PQ candidate was again the ADQ, and the only candidate that was interupted by another (and always interupted by the PLQ candidate) was the ADQ. Their mains point was that the ADQ wasn't either souverainist or federalist but opted for an "third" option, autonomy. The three views are basically: souverainist is that Quebec should be out of Canada and be a state on the world market, federalist Quebec should remain a part of Canada and accept anything Canda offers, autonomist, Quebec should remain a part of Canada but ask for more rights (and for all the right that are defined by the Constitution) basically being a state inside the state (as are most confederation). However the PLQ and PQ don't seem to be able to accept that this idea is possible, they want a black of white issue, you are for independance or against you cannot seek a middle road.

Also, since Mario Dumont's party is getting more popular so it semes to be scaring the other parties into attacking their programes and ideas. I don't have a problem with party fighting each other and attacking each other ideas but I guess I expect all ideas to be attacked by parties not just the one of the rising party, well maybe it is because the other don't seem to have any ideas to attack but maybe.

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Krimpoff said...

The ADQ has my vote this year again. Sadly, this year, it seems that the political parties are playing the "attack the people, not the program" thing. This is sad. I wanna know what they are planning to do with Québec, not that a guy is putting inappropriate things in his body...