Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Montreal Mystery

Yesterday Quebec elected his next governement, a minority Liberal Governement with a very large and surprising ADQ opposition. So surprising in fact that no one predicted it, all of the models I could find on the net and elsewere gave the ADQ a larger number of deputy then in the last election but never as much as this (10 times their previous number!!!). So large in fact that for a while the ADQ could have been the next governement.

One thing is for sure Quebec political scene is changing, aside from the Island of Montreal their are three political parties. Also outside of the Island, people want majoritatively to see change (to give you an idea, last election their where 20 PLQ deputy and 20 PQ, this election: 20 and 20 also) and do not follow the dogma pushed by the largest city in Quebec.

When in the last federal election the Montreal medias asked: "What happened with Quebec city?, Why did they vote for something so unlike Quebec's values?, What is the mystery of Quebec city?" People felt apparently that these question might deserve to be reversed and ask now: "What up with Montreal?, Why are you so out of touch with the rest of Quebec?, Are you sure you know what Quebec's values are?"

Still it might just be a protestation vote (I'd like to think that most didn't vote to protest but for the ADQ) and that after a few months of minority governement the next election will show a disparition of the ADQ. However I doubt it, particullary if they do a good job as the opposition party to the PLQ. Whatever that might be we might have a intersting year and hopefully it is the birth of a three parties system.

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