Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Information tactic

Something really annoy me with Quebec information medias, the use of two main tactic to bias information for or against something. Basically I can categorise every news report into two categories: they cry-cry and the scary-scary (or in french: le pleur matante pis le peur matante). Basically it consist in either showing that things would be sad for a few people (or even just one person) or that thing would be terrible scary, evil, full of darkness, or basically the work of the devil. It is really annoying to see relatively serious news show resorting to those tactic, I'd expect that from political parties (not that I find it more intelligent) but not from news sources. Oh well I guess that one more thing that distance me from the society of Quebec.

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Krimpoff said...

Your "bias" against Québec is not justified by this.

To think that it's better (or even different) elsewhere is you living in a fairy world, you know.

English Canadian resorts to a same kind of manipulation in their medias, by choosing what they talk about, and when they talk about it. It's even worse in the United-States, where the "fear politic" is the law of the media.

You'll be sadly disappointed when you live outside Québec and discover that.