Thursday, March 01, 2007

Free Québec...?

I am wondering, what do we need to free Québec from? What is it that is trapping or restrainning Québecer's right? Are we not a free province in a free country? Is our culture more unique then the 82 cultures forming China (each I would have to point out having a different language)? What is it that Québec has that make it an oppressed country? What does Québec wants that it doesn't already have?

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Krimpoff said...

You will never succeed on an argument for or against that point.

It's pointless.

Because there may be good reason for Québec to leave. There may be good reason for Québec to stay. But there are a lot of reasons that, other than being logical, are a simple matter of opinions and choice and culture. You cannot simply counter those ideas with economical rhetoric. Or political rhetoric. Or, others in the world are fine as it is.

I'm not saying every reasons are good. But you will never win or lose an argument war with this subject. Because when emotions mix up with logic, all kind of things can be said that are both true or false.