Friday, March 02, 2007

A challenge

well I have been challenges by a cute girl to find the girl of my life, i.e my soulmate before next christmas. I don't think I will take that challenge mainly because I don't think it would be a good idea to find a girl before I finish my phd. You see I'll probably be moving far away after I finish, at least I'll probably be moving out of the province, at least I hope I will (to be saved from the seperatist movement) . Now I'll probably talk about girls, well probably since I'm looking at girl picture (strange how one of my female friend can point me to some porn sites... in fact I'm pretty sure she can point me to more porn site than I know about) and that I'm drunk... a bottle of wine in an hour does that to a guy apparently. I've found out that I'm probably one superficial guy, you see I'm pretty sure I can't fall in love if I don't find the girl attractive (to my defense most of the girl I dated didn't find themself attractive).

Oh and one last thing I'll be the the star of one more short film, you can find a preview at this web site. I'll be taking on my role of the peasant again.

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