Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boisclair is gay so what?

Recently Boisclair sexual orientation was brought to the front of the electoral campaign (could we call it a war? I wonder) because of statement made by a radio host in the Saguenay. Well honestly it wasn't brought on the front because of that it was brought on the front because people in the PQ wanted it brought forth (that guy and many other have been blasting Boislcair on other things since the begining of the campaing but they never as anything been brought foward). But seriously is that even close to be on the radar as far as issues are conserned? so what if he is gay, he is a fracking moron, I am sorry but someone irresponsable enought to be using cocaine while holding a public office is a moron (I could say that anyone using cocaine is a moron but I don't have enought data to declare that). It's not an indiscression of youth it is a sign of severe lack of judgement, you cannot say in the same sentences that you were capable of being a good repesentant of the population and that you where irresponsable enought to take drugs while in office, it's simply isn't belivable.

One last thing that make Boisclair's sexual orientation even more irrelevant is that you do not vote directly for him but instead for a candiate in his party. True that might mean you end of with Boisclair as primer, but you know if that a concern worry instead about the party agenda it much more of an issue then who Boisclair likes to wake up next to.

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