Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And the debate is over

Well here is a post debate post, all in all I was pleasantly surprised since the debate was much less boring then I expected. Sure I would have loved to see true debating between the three parties but at least hey where real argument and while Boisclair didn't present much information about his idea he did manage to put everyone else on the defensive (too much so I think but at least he didn't get his ass handled to him.) Jean Charest was his usual boring self with few ideas and nothing intelligent to say about his mendate except that it was never his fault. Mario Dumont for his part showed he is now a true politicient, he sidesteped question like a pro, looked good for the camera, cheated in the debate just enough to make a big point (his showing of the document) and twisted the truth beyond it's breaking point. You see CHOI this morning got a copy of the memo Dumont presented last night... a memo that is much less damning that appeared in the debate and in fact isn't incriminating at all for the governement.

All in all I think the debate ended up in a stallmate no one clearly won, no one clearly lost. Charest is a little lower then both Boisclair and Dumont on the "totem" pole of victory but not that much.

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Krimpoff said...

I was disappointed by Mario. He doesn't seem to be able to take his own place firmly.
Charest was is old self. He always has his "I don't fucking care" face.
Boisclair wins in my opinion. He demonstrated more standing than I expected from him. However, my vote will not change.