Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Montreal Mystery

Yesterday Quebec elected his next governement, a minority Liberal Governement with a very large and surprising ADQ opposition. So surprising in fact that no one predicted it, all of the models I could find on the net and elsewere gave the ADQ a larger number of deputy then in the last election but never as much as this (10 times their previous number!!!). So large in fact that for a while the ADQ could have been the next governement.

One thing is for sure Quebec political scene is changing, aside from the Island of Montreal their are three political parties. Also outside of the Island, people want majoritatively to see change (to give you an idea, last election their where 20 PLQ deputy and 20 PQ, this election: 20 and 20 also) and do not follow the dogma pushed by the largest city in Quebec.

When in the last federal election the Montreal medias asked: "What happened with Quebec city?, Why did they vote for something so unlike Quebec's values?, What is the mystery of Quebec city?" People felt apparently that these question might deserve to be reversed and ask now: "What up with Montreal?, Why are you so out of touch with the rest of Quebec?, Are you sure you know what Quebec's values are?"

Still it might just be a protestation vote (I'd like to think that most didn't vote to protest but for the ADQ) and that after a few months of minority governement the next election will show a disparition of the ADQ. However I doubt it, particullary if they do a good job as the opposition party to the PLQ. Whatever that might be we might have a intersting year and hopefully it is the birth of a three parties system.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Information tactic

Something really annoy me with Quebec information medias, the use of two main tactic to bias information for or against something. Basically I can categorise every news report into two categories: they cry-cry and the scary-scary (or in french: le pleur matante pis le peur matante). Basically it consist in either showing that things would be sad for a few people (or even just one person) or that thing would be terrible scary, evil, full of darkness, or basically the work of the devil. It is really annoying to see relatively serious news show resorting to those tactic, I'd expect that from political parties (not that I find it more intelligent) but not from news sources. Oh well I guess that one more thing that distance me from the society of Quebec.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Irony or political strategy

Yesterday we got the Harper governement second budget, a few hours later we got the Bloc Quebecois support of the buget, insuring Harper's governement life for a few more months at least. This also give the liberal (and to a lesser extend the NPD) free reign to bash on the budget since they cannot defeat the governement over it. Not to mention that this might undercut the Party Quebecois attempt to demonize the federal governement.

So it's either a strategy to prevent the fall of the governement when most of the Bloc promotional machine is occupied with the Provincial PQ campaign, or it is irony that the souvernist party likes the federal ideas.

Well finally a post

I've been busy these past few days, first there was a conference I had to assist and they I had a friend over for the week end (and monday.) I'd like to talk a little about all of that, afterall it is my blog and it is intended in part to be a journal of my thoughts, wants and general strangeness. So the conference, well as for most conference that are not directly related to my research (or at least have a few talk directly related to it) it wasn't the scientific part that held most people attention but the social part... well come to think of it even in scientifically interesting conference the social part is more interesting then the listening to 15-30 minutes long talks (well we do have hour long talk but they are reserved for the most part for the invited speaker). So since most of you are not astronomers (or scientist, thank god) I'll skip the for the most part boring science part and go directly to the social life (yep weird astro people can have social life too, I know mind boogling.)

The first thing we learned in this meeting was that having your own "house" is a great way to host parties (even if the many boring people from Montreal prefere no to show up) and a very very very bad way to sleep. On the first night of the conference we thus had a party at our "house", which implied missing some of the talk to get beer before it became illegal to buy in Quebec. With a few (we started at around 9 and finished at 6 or something) people we decided to drink the 40 or so beer (and 1 bottle of wine) while talking about a little and nothing. When most of the people had left the party started to degenerate with the star of a game of truth or dare. Word of advice, never ever play truth or dare when all the Question are asked by one person and all of the dare are too... you'll be screwed. Knowing from previous experience that fact I decided not to play and went to sleep (well after being the prop for a kissing dare) quite unsucessfully. Many tibbits of information where "shared" during that game including the obligatory which is the girl you like in our research group and the not in any way obligatory if you could make the best girl out of the girl in the research group who would it be (apparently some girl breast are in highter demand then others...) The party then when on back to simply talking and ended up with a few tears thank to an ungratefull boss and his inhability to be honest. So that was day 1 total sleep time: 1 hours 45 minutes or so.

The second day party proved to be a lot calmer, well first the wine was dirt cheap.. and the beer wasn't much better (not to mention I was still feeling slightly hung over from the night before) discussion and silliness where the norm until I vanish for a few hours of sleep (In my defense I had a talk the following morning) however I heard how the party fell into degeneration... The same girl that proposed the truth or dare the previous night again proposed it... without any sucess this time but the party still went down... I have it from anonymous sources (well not really but I'm not about to name them on my blog) that it involved a naked guy, girl in their underwear, a jaccuzy, foot massages and painfull foot cuts I'll leave the details to your perverse imagination (if you don't have one well get a dirtier mind!)

After those hijinks you would think that I would take a few day off to recover, well you'd be wrong. I'd already promissed a friend of mine that she could come for the week end. So she came in friday night and we talked for a few.. hours getting to sleep way past 3 am. Before you get any perverted idea, she is unfortunatly just a friend (no benifits.) Like some of my other woman friends she is a musician (a singer/compositor to be exact) and while I would not pursue a relasionship with her (she as some issue with another guy.. namely thinking he is the man of her life) she is one of the VERY few woman I'd have sex with without behing in a relasionship. She is in my opinion amazingly beautifull and as the innocent girl next door vibe to a very sexy level. Anyway, we ended up talking for ours about little things, nothings and much you know like you do with a good friend (surprising since we have not known each other for long) and watching a few movies (and sharing a few meal). One of the movie countained one of the most male-ego destroying lines I've heard in a long time, just after having sex with her lover a woman tells him: "It was quite good, my husband has an enormous penis and we sometimes need vasoline." You could see in the actor's eye that it was hurting his pride. Anyway (again) I had a great week end with that girl, and I hope to see her again soon.

So that why i hadn't posted in a while, now you know, now you judge, now I post more often.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And the debate is over

Well here is a post debate post, all in all I was pleasantly surprised since the debate was much less boring then I expected. Sure I would have loved to see true debating between the three parties but at least hey where real argument and while Boisclair didn't present much information about his idea he did manage to put everyone else on the defensive (too much so I think but at least he didn't get his ass handled to him.) Jean Charest was his usual boring self with few ideas and nothing intelligent to say about his mendate except that it was never his fault. Mario Dumont for his part showed he is now a true politicient, he sidesteped question like a pro, looked good for the camera, cheated in the debate just enough to make a big point (his showing of the document) and twisted the truth beyond it's breaking point. You see CHOI this morning got a copy of the memo Dumont presented last night... a memo that is much less damning that appeared in the debate and in fact isn't incriminating at all for the governement.

All in all I think the debate ended up in a stallmate no one clearly won, no one clearly lost. Charest is a little lower then both Boisclair and Dumont on the "totem" pole of victory but not that much.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Debate tonight

Well tonight is debate night in Quebec election, where the three main candidate will bring about their all important selling lines to get us to vote for them. I am currently betting that Mario Dumont will be declared the big loser when both parties attack his lack of budjet prediction for his promises and claiming that he is too young/empty/alone to be elected. I plan on watching the debate and doing a post afterward to see if my prediction was correct.

Now another thing about that debate, the Quebec Solitaire representant where not invited, I am both relived and disapointed that it is the case. Relived because that prove once again that no one take them seriousely, disapointed because their entertainnement value is quite high. I pretty sure that their antics would have amused me for weeks to come.

Montreal vs Quebec

There is an "age-old" rivality in Quebec, that of the city of Quebec and Montreal. It might have started way back then when Quebec was called Bas-Canada and the rest of Canada (was is know now as Ontario) was the Haut-Canada. Montreal with it's strategical position on the St-Lawrence river and proximity to the English speaking Haut-Canada quickly became an center for commerce and wealth, while Quebec only slightly less strategically placed but much farther along the St-Lawrence river stagnated as a governing city. Wealth begath wealth and Montreal got richer faster and grew much farter then Quebec city (topping 3.6 millions inhabitant in 2006 while Quebec city hasn't crossed the million) who remained the seat of governement and eternal second city of Quebec.

I talk about this because I had a very distribing discussion with a Montrealer woman, apparrently Montreal is the most world friendly city in the world (with Sidney) and Quebec is some hell hole comparable with Bangkok for close-mindness. Apparently she cannot understand that Quebec might have other opinnions then those found in Montreal (or more probably her own). While I do admit that Quebec with its very large french and white population is probably harder to intergrate into, than Montreal with its many large ethnic communauty, I do not think it means that Quebec is closed on the world. Quite the opposite in fact I have heard more close minded and racist statement from Montrealer then I've heard from Quebec. A former Montrealer friend of mind confirmed this and raise this theory (which as some merits I think) people from Quebec are probably as racist or perhaps more then Montrealer but since Montrealer have to live with ethnic communities day-in day-out they are more prone to be exasperated by them. The girl argued also that Montreal was a nicer city to live in the Quebec, in fact that Quebec was an oppresive city. That I really cannot agree with and I tried to argue that it might have been something in her personnality not something in the city but apparently being from Quebec I couldn't be right. While I stoped arguing at the moment (no point in arguing when you cannot even raise an objection) I had to make a post about this.

I think that might be part of what the Bloc Quebecois and Montreal medias call the Quebec mystery (in relation as to why Quebec voted for the ADQ in 2003 and the Torries in 2006.) Something that as been explained as a flaw in Quebec city's resident in understanding the message from the parties and "mass-brainwashing" from devil incarnated radio-jock (almost named mister Jeff Fillion). Personally, I think it something more in the line that Quebec isn't Montreal and that the city is large enough to have it's own media/culture.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Targetting the ADQ

I was listening to a radio debate this morning and apparently the ADQ is the main target of both major parties (the PLQ and PQ). On every question the mains points of each of the PLQ and PQ candidate was again the ADQ, and the only candidate that was interupted by another (and always interupted by the PLQ candidate) was the ADQ. Their mains point was that the ADQ wasn't either souverainist or federalist but opted for an "third" option, autonomy. The three views are basically: souverainist is that Quebec should be out of Canada and be a state on the world market, federalist Quebec should remain a part of Canada and accept anything Canda offers, autonomist, Quebec should remain a part of Canada but ask for more rights (and for all the right that are defined by the Constitution) basically being a state inside the state (as are most confederation). However the PLQ and PQ don't seem to be able to accept that this idea is possible, they want a black of white issue, you are for independance or against you cannot seek a middle road.

Also, since Mario Dumont's party is getting more popular so it semes to be scaring the other parties into attacking their programes and ideas. I don't have a problem with party fighting each other and attacking each other ideas but I guess I expect all ideas to be attacked by parties not just the one of the rising party, well maybe it is because the other don't seem to have any ideas to attack but maybe.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Canada and Kyoto

And interesting documentary about Kyoto and how it affect Canada.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boisclair is gay so what?

Recently Boisclair sexual orientation was brought to the front of the electoral campaign (could we call it a war? I wonder) because of statement made by a radio host in the Saguenay. Well honestly it wasn't brought on the front because of that it was brought on the front because people in the PQ wanted it brought forth (that guy and many other have been blasting Boislcair on other things since the begining of the campaing but they never as anything been brought foward). But seriously is that even close to be on the radar as far as issues are conserned? so what if he is gay, he is a fracking moron, I am sorry but someone irresponsable enought to be using cocaine while holding a public office is a moron (I could say that anyone using cocaine is a moron but I don't have enought data to declare that). It's not an indiscression of youth it is a sign of severe lack of judgement, you cannot say in the same sentences that you were capable of being a good repesentant of the population and that you where irresponsable enought to take drugs while in office, it's simply isn't belivable.

One last thing that make Boisclair's sexual orientation even more irrelevant is that you do not vote directly for him but instead for a candiate in his party. True that might mean you end of with Boisclair as primer, but you know if that a concern worry instead about the party agenda it much more of an issue then who Boisclair likes to wake up next to.

Monday, March 05, 2007

so how did it go?

Well finally my presentation went really well, I had lots of question afterward and some during my presentation. It was very fun and they gave me a nice gift. All in all a very good experience for me.

Presentation tonight

Well I'm gonna be doing a presenation for an astronomy club tonight about how we go from the light of the galaxies to what is actually in the galaxy and how the galaxy works. I'm confident I will be able to do a good presentation but I'm worried that it won't be long enough or that it will be too hard (or to simple) for my audience. The subject is relatively complex and if they do not ask any question I'm affraid I'll forget what I want to tell them and how I figured I'd tell them to try and make it clear enought. In a way I don't want to bore them and I want to be scientifically interesting. Oh well all I can do is try to be the pest orator I can (scary I know) and tell you how it went after I come back tonight.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A challenge

well I have been challenges by a cute girl to find the girl of my life, i.e my soulmate before next christmas. I don't think I will take that challenge mainly because I don't think it would be a good idea to find a girl before I finish my phd. You see I'll probably be moving far away after I finish, at least I'll probably be moving out of the province, at least I hope I will (to be saved from the seperatist movement) . Now I'll probably talk about girls, well probably since I'm looking at girl picture (strange how one of my female friend can point me to some porn sites... in fact I'm pretty sure she can point me to more porn site than I know about) and that I'm drunk... a bottle of wine in an hour does that to a guy apparently. I've found out that I'm probably one superficial guy, you see I'm pretty sure I can't fall in love if I don't find the girl attractive (to my defense most of the girl I dated didn't find themself attractive).

Oh and one last thing I'll be the the star of one more short film, you can find a preview at this web site. I'll be taking on my role of the peasant again.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Free Québec...?

I am wondering, what do we need to free Québec from? What is it that is trapping or restrainning Québecer's right? Are we not a free province in a free country? Is our culture more unique then the 82 cultures forming China (each I would have to point out having a different language)? What is it that Québec has that make it an oppressed country? What does Québec wants that it doesn't already have?

Well that does it

Today on CHOI André Boiclair answered to the question: is there a possibility that in a first PQ mendate that their will not be a referendum on the sovereignty of Quebec? a big clear No. So a vote for the PQ is another damn fucking vote for a referendum and another 4 year lost in constitution debate without ANY FUCKING THING done to help Quebec. Personally it simple before I want to hear another another fracking word about sovereignty I want to see an economilically sound Quebec. The PQ as just insured that my vote will go somewhere else next election.