Monday, February 19, 2007

So how much is my vote worth anyway?

The campain is not even started and already millions are sent the population way to insure they vote for the previous governement. Already last tuesday just over 100 millions dollars have been given... that means with a population of 8 millions in Quebec that we each received 12$. Doesn't seem like much to forget your jugement and give the greatest power you have in our society away?

Isn't it disgusting that our system not only allows those kind of spending but that it encourage them. Now, be aware that it isn't a critic of Jean Charest's government every single governement in the last 20 years has done this (probably far before that too but I can't really say for sure), so it is a critic of our system. Now, here is what i would say: Don't try to buy my vote, convince me that your party will be the best for Quebec, not that you'll spend Midas wealth in a few days. Trust me it isn't impressing anyone.

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