Monday, February 19, 2007

Rant: So she shaved her head...

So from what I heard the Britney Spear shaved her head... and I have to ask: so fracking what? that not news, hell that not even something I care to know about. You see I'm one of those people that never go to the movies because such an such actor are in a movies (in fact 99% of the time I can't tell you the name of any actor in the movie) but only because something in the movies picked my interest. It might be a preview or something I've heard or read about the movies or it might just be that main actress looked sexy (which usually means I will maybe think about renting the movie when it is out on DVD). The fact remains that I don't care who is in the movie only that I am interested in seeing it and entertained by watching it, the life of the actors in it is a pointless thing compared to that. I don't want their life, I don't care for their stories, hell outside of their movie I'm pretty sure they don't want me to know their life either.

The same goes for music stars, sure I love some groups more then other but I don't care one tiny bit what they do outside of their music. Well of course aside from obviously criminal/evil stuff. My main question is why are we wasting time on these people? Why do we ask their opinions on subject they obviously know nothing about? Has their been a miss univers in the last 20 millions years that didn't say she wanted world peace? well DA, I don't think anyone want a world at war! I belive that society would be much better off if it stoped paying attention to those superstar outside of their movies/song/concert. Their opinions aren't worth more then yours or mine (except perhaps on movies and music, or whatever their areas of expertise are), and their lives are for the most part as far away as you would want yours to be.

In short, stop fracking paying attention to Britney and look at the world. War and genocites are happening, inventions and cures are found, elections are made and tyrans toppled, thoughts are breaking and our world are changing... tell us how, describ it to us, let us make our own opinion and for the flying spaghetti monstre sake remember that the world is beautifull, tragic, dramatic, sexy, magical, surprising and evolving enought to hide all the superstar lives it carries for billions of years... and that if we wipe ourself out in a few hundreds of years.

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yofed said...

I really like that Britney shaved her head... I did too, years ago, and I look better than her with my hair shaved :)