Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cultural Rape

This weekend while I was in Ottawa we ended up discussing the French-Canadian culture, it's understandable since one of us is a cute French teacher for the government. We were talking about how most of us (well it was mostly the cute teacher and another of my friend (the Casanova to identify him)) were not that into Quebec music and Casanova quoted the title of this post. He said roughly: "I don't really like music in Quebec for a simple reason, it's been so imposed upon me that I feel like I've been culturally raped."

This struck me as a very appropriate metaphor for what I feel about Quebec "culture", by that I mean the ADISQ promoted few "artists" (if they can be called that) that are the only thing we hear on the radio, see promoted in news bulletin (yeah I have a problem with that’s not the point now), see publicity for their shows and see on the cover of magazine. I don't like to be told what I need to like, what is good and I don't like to have almost no choice about what I can listen to.

It's like saying that the music industry in Quebec is forcing me into a culture I do not like or want, and trough laws and control of much (if not all) of the medias that I can't escape, sound a little like a rape to me. Oh well I've found ways to escape it, I've found music I like outside of the culture and their ever more aggressive attempt at brainwashing me only push me farther and farther away from Quebec, almost to the point of creating a knee jerk reaction at any offer of listening to Quebec's music and artist.

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