Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ah our Quebec...

We are getting closer and closer to elections here in our northern corner of the world where the Poutine is Queen and stupid ideas make great political parties, we already see the sign (both figuratively and literally, come on ADQ don't put Mario's face on every other light pole in the street he is not that cute) and hear the promises. Insults have started flying (somes are based on fact some wait for facts to be brought forth) and gift are given to friends.

However that is not what I wish to talk about, a new (at least Quebec) phenomon is apparring, youtube (internet) publicity. I wonder how this will be regulated (because we do like to regulate everything here) and how it will be used after the campaign by defeated parties to scream for unfair pratices. What I find intersting are publicity made by people like you and me in support or agains parties, they are the opinions of people and I hope it will change this race.

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Krimpoff said...

It's not better everywhere else. Every political race has ups and downs anyway.

The youtube case is very interesting. Now we see why the Internet is exceptional. Everyone can easily say anything, give opinions and have fun (or not) while doing so. This will make things interesting!