Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ah our Quebec...

We are getting closer and closer to elections here in our northern corner of the world where the Poutine is Queen and stupid ideas make great political parties, we already see the sign (both figuratively and literally, come on ADQ don't put Mario's face on every other light pole in the street he is not that cute) and hear the promises. Insults have started flying (somes are based on fact some wait for facts to be brought forth) and gift are given to friends.

However that is not what I wish to talk about, a new (at least Quebec) phenomon is apparring, youtube (internet) publicity. I wonder how this will be regulated (because we do like to regulate everything here) and how it will be used after the campaign by defeated parties to scream for unfair pratices. What I find intersting are publicity made by people like you and me in support or agains parties, they are the opinions of people and I hope it will change this race.

Monday, February 19, 2007

So how much is my vote worth anyway?

The campain is not even started and already millions are sent the population way to insure they vote for the previous governement. Already last tuesday just over 100 millions dollars have been given... that means with a population of 8 millions in Quebec that we each received 12$. Doesn't seem like much to forget your jugement and give the greatest power you have in our society away?

Isn't it disgusting that our system not only allows those kind of spending but that it encourage them. Now, be aware that it isn't a critic of Jean Charest's government every single governement in the last 20 years has done this (probably far before that too but I can't really say for sure), so it is a critic of our system. Now, here is what i would say: Don't try to buy my vote, convince me that your party will be the best for Quebec, not that you'll spend Midas wealth in a few days. Trust me it isn't impressing anyone.

Rant: So she shaved her head...

So from what I heard the Britney Spear shaved her head... and I have to ask: so fracking what? that not news, hell that not even something I care to know about. You see I'm one of those people that never go to the movies because such an such actor are in a movies (in fact 99% of the time I can't tell you the name of any actor in the movie) but only because something in the movies picked my interest. It might be a preview or something I've heard or read about the movies or it might just be that main actress looked sexy (which usually means I will maybe think about renting the movie when it is out on DVD). The fact remains that I don't care who is in the movie only that I am interested in seeing it and entertained by watching it, the life of the actors in it is a pointless thing compared to that. I don't want their life, I don't care for their stories, hell outside of their movie I'm pretty sure they don't want me to know their life either.

The same goes for music stars, sure I love some groups more then other but I don't care one tiny bit what they do outside of their music. Well of course aside from obviously criminal/evil stuff. My main question is why are we wasting time on these people? Why do we ask their opinions on subject they obviously know nothing about? Has their been a miss univers in the last 20 millions years that didn't say she wanted world peace? well DA, I don't think anyone want a world at war! I belive that society would be much better off if it stoped paying attention to those superstar outside of their movies/song/concert. Their opinions aren't worth more then yours or mine (except perhaps on movies and music, or whatever their areas of expertise are), and their lives are for the most part as far away as you would want yours to be.

In short, stop fracking paying attention to Britney and look at the world. War and genocites are happening, inventions and cures are found, elections are made and tyrans toppled, thoughts are breaking and our world are changing... tell us how, describ it to us, let us make our own opinion and for the flying spaghetti monstre sake remember that the world is beautifull, tragic, dramatic, sexy, magical, surprising and evolving enought to hide all the superstar lives it carries for billions of years... and that if we wipe ourself out in a few hundreds of years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Day

So today is VD (loves that pun, so sorry I had to make it), still single but well it doesn't really mater. I guessing that since I don't plan on staying in Quebec city (and maybe not even in Quebec the province) it would be stupid for me to look for a girlfriend when I'll be leaving for somewhere else in a few months-a year. Beside now a day being single on VD isn’t so bad, lots of party, lots of people saying that VD is just a commercial holiday (also known as Hallmark day) and of course the little news bulletin telling everyone that it is hard for single on VD (which I find oh so funny). So happy just another day if you are single otherwise: Happy Valentine Day!

Oh and on a maybe related note I finally cut my hair, quite shorter then what I had before. The
Initial response from people I know is that it makes me look younger and actually looks quite good on me so it might have been a good idea.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cultural Rape

This weekend while I was in Ottawa we ended up discussing the French-Canadian culture, it's understandable since one of us is a cute French teacher for the government. We were talking about how most of us (well it was mostly the cute teacher and another of my friend (the Casanova to identify him)) were not that into Quebec music and Casanova quoted the title of this post. He said roughly: "I don't really like music in Quebec for a simple reason, it's been so imposed upon me that I feel like I've been culturally raped."

This struck me as a very appropriate metaphor for what I feel about Quebec "culture", by that I mean the ADISQ promoted few "artists" (if they can be called that) that are the only thing we hear on the radio, see promoted in news bulletin (yeah I have a problem with that’s not the point now), see publicity for their shows and see on the cover of magazine. I don't like to be told what I need to like, what is good and I don't like to have almost no choice about what I can listen to.

It's like saying that the music industry in Quebec is forcing me into a culture I do not like or want, and trough laws and control of much (if not all) of the medias that I can't escape, sound a little like a rape to me. Oh well I've found ways to escape it, I've found music I like outside of the culture and their ever more aggressive attempt at brainwashing me only push me farther and farther away from Quebec, almost to the point of creating a knee jerk reaction at any offer of listening to Quebec's music and artist.

Blogging about Quebec

Since the release in Montreal of the "documentary" L'illusion Tranquille, I've been reading blog about the political and economical situation of Quebec. I was looking at review of this movie to see how it was received in Montreal and found that their seemed to be two clans (no my study is not complete) those who were right-leaning, watched the movie and found it interesting and those that were left-leaning, detested the movie, called it propaganda and... had not seen the movie. Anyway this post isn't going to be about that, but to give credit to blogs I've been reading [warning all of them are in french], so without further delay here are links to those blogs:

Le blogue de QL

Le surfeur autonome

Vincent Geloso et cie


So here it is, expect more post in the near futur.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reasonable and unreasonable arrangement

Quebec is the seat at the moment of a "debate" on what should and shouldn't be done to accommodate religions and minorities. The debate as been shimerring for year/month with stories like the Kirpan in school, having special school and such for religion but as been sparked into a fire by three and an half recent event: the covering of windows by a YMCA to accomodate a jewish community desire not to be exposed to woman doing sport in revealing clothing, a directive by a police force to it's officier that if a person of a minority looked unconfortable talking to a female officer to step back and let the man officer handle it, a few small communities publishing a code of conduct/asking the governement to change the "charte des droits et liberté" to be clearer and finally a policeman song critizing unreasonable arrangement.

The question really is: where do we draw the line? When do we say no what you are asking is against our law and our values? For exemple would it be acceptable in the name of religion to forbid woman from working in a CLSC because their are some religious group near by says woman working are doing the "adversary" (devil equivalent for most religion) work? Should all gym be forced to put in one way glass to be sure no religious groups is offenced by the clothing worn by people inside? Should religions have special tribunal for their own member that follow the laws from their religious text?

Personally I think we should first decide what rights take precedeence on what other right, is the right of woman to be equal to men in our society more important the the right of people to follow the teaching of a religion? My opinion goes that we should go that the first right of any person is to be treated fairly without regards for anything beside his or her existance. For exemple every woman have the right to work, dress or talk as they wish (as long as it is legal) they can choose to refuse to work, talk or dress in anyway following any religion or none but they cannot impose that other woman follow her choices. And then we should decide how we want other right organised, is religion more important then voting and stuff like that.

Services should be provided with arrangement for rights in the limits that the same arrangement are availlable to everyone. For exemple, if religion x don't want to be examined by woman and can demande that only men treat them well someone from another religion might demand to be treated by a woman or a men. If none are availlable you have the choice between waiting or taking what is availlable, in an emergency situation life take precedence to religious preference. In non emergency situation well, the question becomes more touchy I would prefere if for minors it was impossible to refuse life saving treatement (like blood transfusion) but that adult be allowed to refuse treatement for themself if they choose....

I was going to write more but I just had a revelation about arrangement. Those exist to help and allow minorities and immigrant to integrate into our society (and at least in part to our culture), if the arrangement help to do that it is a reasonable arrangement, otherwise it is not. Our goal is not to create smaller sub-society in our society but to integrate everyone into our society, growing and learning from the experience. We should ask communities to be willing to work toward becoming part of our society while we try to help them toward the same goal. If they are not willing to become part of Canada and they want to be PoPaulistant inside Canada with no compromise possible we should ask them to return to PoPaulistant, it's where they want to be obviously.

Climate change

A lot of people are warning us about climate change, and a lot of people are telling them, well it is exactly like the previous scare the world has know. You might remember those scare (hole in the ozone layer, poverity everywhere because we lack ressources for everyone, an ice age, globale warming [it's something that come back every few years apparantly], lack of food for the growing population, etc) and think, well they do have a point, none of the previous scare came through and actually cause any problem for society.

While this is true, it doesn't mean climate changes won't be a problem (I doubt it will destroy society, humanity is amazingly adaptable and resilient) in fact climate change is the first thing beside nuclear weapon that where deemed by scientist to be capable of causing the extinction of life as we know. Small parenthese at the moment, I say life as we know it because from the history of the world we find that nothing appears to be able to completly wipe life off the face of the earth and seriously if a supernovae doesn't do it, I really doubt we could.

No seriously the problem with climate change is not in the climate change themself or even if scientist agree that they happen because of humanity, no the problem (at least in my opinion) is simple. The environnement is a political agenda, for some weird reason people have claimed that one side of the political spectrum as monopoly on the environnement. A lot of people are thus reflexively doubtfull of any claim on the environnement seeing them as means toward other idea they might not agree on instead of something that concern everyone inspite of political allegence.

I think we need to push away the environnemental issues away from the political agenda, it is the only way they might be considered correctly. If we do not I fear that we will debate weither any studies or report on the issue is not biased or partisant toward a party instead of looking at the issue itself. In a way arguing about the messenger instead of the message.