Monday, January 22, 2007

Why ask the French?

Why ask French what they think about Quebec independence? Well more exactly why ask French presidency candidate to be for the Quebec independence? While I do understand that an hypothetical sovereign Quebec would need to be recognized by other country to have any legitimacy their is a big difference between asking a candidate what they think about it and securing support. Also, lets remember that politician will tell visiting dignitary (particularly no bodies like Boisclair presently (leader of the opposition isn't really a job with power you know)) just about everything they want to hear to make them happy. And also remember we are asking the French those that surrender faster than their shadow (sorry couldn't resist).

Well I can imagine it as something to do with our being a former French colony (that has been abandoned I might add) who fears to be assimilate by the "evil" English (not exactly the place to talk about this since I am posting in English). It's like we need the French approval on everything we do, I wonder if the other candidate tells Boisclair, your sovereignty idea is stupid if we will abandon it... Probably not but maybe we could dream.

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