Friday, January 19, 2007

Militarisation of space

A few days ago (according to the US intelligence agency then 11 of January, but who is going to believe them) China, always the pacifist country, tested an anti-satellite weapon. After claiming a few months ago claiming that it would not militarize space. Probably part of the change of mind from China came from another event a few months ago... a statement by the US of A that it would not adhere to it's own statement about not militarizing space (and restarting the anti-satellite weapon research, which it had abandoned in the 1980 for fear of damaging the civilian satellite infrastructure). Now, I believe that unfortunately militarization of space is inevitable (baring dramatic change in society, lets not forget then even hyper peaceful Star Trek has war), at least with the colonization of other worlds and star system and logic dictate that you want it as far as possible from inhabited world.

The problem, at least I think, is the ever-raising tension that this creates. China is on its way to become a super power to dwarf the USA (no not just rivalries) and it is determined to be a military super power as well as an economical one. While in a "peaceful" situation the transition between an American dominance to a Chinese dominance will be a peaceful one. If stress is high and "hatred' of the former super power is high, their might be a war, a great big ugly war with probably a few nuclear (or nucular) exchange. On the other hand, considering the US position and its capability I can't really fault China for trying to match them. Another complex and potentially volatile situation in the world, nice isn't it? Its not like we will be able to complain that our times where not interesting.

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