Sunday, January 14, 2007

L'illusion tranquille

Yesterday I went to see the propaganda documentary L'illusion Tranquille. I use the terms propaganda documentary for a simple reason it is a documentary that shows only one side of the equation, like most documentaries in the world to be honest. This one is about Quebec and it's society, it's future, it's present and it's past from the point of view of economist, lawyer, and generally people that would be associated with the "evil right" in Quebec society.

The documentary present what they think is wrong with our society and what the solution might be. They present argument on how and why the current system is actually failing to do everything it claims to be doing. For example, the documentary speaks on how the freezing of tuition fees in Quebec is much more interesting (and profitable) for rich families then for poor families.

All in all it is a very interesting documentary, it offers a very different view (then that of the "mainstream media") of our society while keeping its argument rational. I invite you to go and watch it as it is now playing in Quebec, Montreal and Sherbrooke. You might not agree with their conclusion and their view but might make you think. Personally I agree with most of their view and even on what I wasn't sure about they made me think.

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