Saturday, January 06, 2007

Final Fantasy XII

Like many nerds of my age I acquired on the release date the game Final Fantasy XII. I must say that unlike Krimpoff I wasn't too warm at the "real time" system nor the look of the character (look it up, the main character Vaan really wear something weird and their is the usual male oriented game problem of inpractical woman clothing).

Now, after playing for quite a while (78 hours according to the game clock) I must say that I quite enjoy the game. The combat system is really dynamic and while it you could theorically let the game play itself it is much more enjoyable if you customise your battle script when needed. Also the story is one of the best in the Final Fantasy so far without being too constrictive (it is of course very linear but you do have the freedom to move about quite a lot so it is not so bad.) Now I haven't finished yet, but unlike just about every other game in the world I find myself playing just for the sake of increasing my level and license it is quite fun... and the side quest are intriguing.

All in all it is a great game and if you have a a PS2, go buy it's worth it.. and if you don't have a PS2 well it almost worth buying the machine for the game... that or a PS3. An contrary to rumors on anyflower's blog I have not vanished into thin air. (nor into thin hair... but that would be a bad pun)

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