Tuesday, January 16, 2007


No this will not be a post about a new process in my next RPG game that will transform people into demons (or devils) for some obscure plot arc that my players will probably never figure out correctly. Instead it will be about something much more human and real, our tendency to demonize people that do not think as we do. Example from the last few month/years should illustrate what I means quite rapidly: George W.Bush, Stephen Harper, Jean Charest, Jeff Fillion, André Arthur, Mario Dumon, the syndicates (to be fair I have to name some I have demonized myself) and the separatist.

To illustrate a point or to galvanize opinion we try to simplify the debate by saying they are evil, the devil, and/or that they aren't human. A typical war tactic, make your enemies into less then human that makes fighting them much easier (and in actual war killing something less then human is a lot easier then killing someone). The problem is that it is not a war, its a society, we are trying to build something together (even if some ideas and philosophies are competing) not trying to demonstrate an ideological superiority. We often use this method to dismiss an argument without really addressing the argument (come on the argument comes from the Devil (or his closest incarnation on Earth) it has to be false) closing ourselves to ideas that could potentially better then ours.

Now, where am I going with this? Well not really anywhere it is simply a statement of state of society (and myself), hopefully so that I can become better. Maybe I also want to explain why I tend to try to play the devil's advocate so often... well that might also be because I like an argument.

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