Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bad messenger!

Somehow I am surprised at the reaction Mario Dumon's letter to the people of Quebec received. He is basically asking for what should be the separatist wet dream, a Quebec constitution where they could show the people what a independent Quebec laws would look like. What values we believe strongly enough that we are willing to put them in writing and as a foundation for our laws.
Wouldn't it be the best idea in the world if it came from Brokeback Boisclair? Is this a case of every idea from the ADQ is a bad idea? I really wonder at the moment.

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Krimpoff said...

It's because Mario Dumont is "demonized". The ADQ has pretty good ideas, but the are too much "right-wing" thinking for people in Québec to accept their ideas.

And they are not that much at the "right".