Thursday, January 18, 2007

5 minutes to midnight

You might remember my prediction that the doomsday clock would be moving closer to midnight after North Korea's nuclear and missile test. Well yesterday the Bulletin of Atomic scientist has moved the clock two minutes closer to midnight. In itself it is not surprising considering the current world situation, what is surprising however is the inclusion of a new possible cause for Armageddon in the clock's track: Global climate change. This is very interesting as it means that the catastrophes brought forth by global climate change would be as destructive as nuclear war.

Now people might say that those scientists are alarmist and going too far, the world isn't that close to destruction. The doomsday clock isn't a absolute measure of the time left until Armageddon, it is a symbol saying that hey remember just because we are not talking about the nukes right now they are still there and might someday be used to destroy civilization (and probably all life.) Sure it might be interpreted as just a way to scare people but in my opinion it is only a way for scientist to show they are concerned with the states of affairs in the world without behind burdened by political agendas.

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