Thursday, December 20, 2007

Liberty and ecology

Yesterday I found a debate that I found interesting, a debate between liberty and ecology. This debate sparked because of a quote by Mayer Hillman a senor fellow emeritus for the Policy Study Institute saying basically that totalitarism is better then extinction. That in fact if people did not want to take the measure to solve the environmental problem they should be forced to do so. I think that there is a lot of potential there for conflicting worldview to collide and for people to be in denial of what they value. For example, I’m betting that many of my reader would say that it is a not a bad thing to impose environmentally friendly method to society particularly if it means death for humanity and all life on Earth not to do so. Most if not all of the same people would however argue that it would be immoral for humanity to escape an eventual extinction by colonizing the solar system and the universe.

I think that it shows a strange thing, that some people value “nature” over humanity, “nature” over freedom, hell “nature” over life. I’ve heard people say that if humanity is the cause of the Earth problem the solution is to kill off humanity. As if humanity and “nature” where two completely distinct thing, as if “nature” was only Earth, as if “nature” was only life on Earth as if “nature” was something holy and humanity a monstrosity in the universe. The argument that “nature” is something greater then humanity and that we own it something is weird. Humanity is the product of and a part of nature, a product that apparently can drastically alter nature itself but even completely altered or “destroyed” by humanity it remains natural. For all our talk of humanity ability to destroy the natural world we should consider that everywhere we though life did not exist on Earth, we have found life. Everywhere we though our pollution had made life impossible, we have found life. Life is amazingly more resilient that we give it credit for.

There is also the value of intelligence that we should consider, what is something worth without someone that can appreciate it worth? You might have the most beautiful light show in the universe but if no one can perceive light what is it? Can we really say it exists and if we can how? Maybe we are wrong and every living thing can see the beauty of “nature” and the universe and it is just our ego that makes us thing otherwise but once again does it really matter if we are gone?

Finally, there is the idea that free determination is the problem of humanity, which I think is the main point of the quotation. A large enough number of people cannot understand what some consider as reason and as such they must be forced to follow the rule of an enlighten minority. I once said on this blog that I am very worried whenever someone tells me something is for my protection, or for my own good and this is exactly what this is. Some people think they would be doing me a favor by forcing me to do thing their way. This seems to have a lot more to do with controlling humanity then it as with protecting the environment. It as the typically trapping of using fear to get people to give you power over them…

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Facebook and Canada

How come I only find these kind of news about where I live on other country web site? You see apparently the formation of a fast growing group of Canadian concerned about the proposed reform of copyright laws in Canada managed to stir up a movement that actually got the proposed law delayed and possibly change. I think this illustrate the power of the internet as a democratic tools, how with the interconnectivity of the internet and the accessibility of information it can be a way to motivate, mobilize and inform people. I think we are seeing the silhouette of the next governmental system, after capitalism and representative democracy we might finally have true democracy by the people directly. Hopefully an informed people, with enough wisdom or intelligence to understand and discriminate the information it finds.

L'Âge des Ténébres, movie review

I went to see L’Âge des Ténébres by Deny Arcand last night, and I must say I quite like the movie and how it looks at Quebec society. It might be strange to say that I like looking at Quebec like some kind of political correctness distopia but the emphasis is put on thing that are just a little worse then they are now. Two examples from the movie: the main character is brought before a disciplinary committee for saying that his black colleague was working like negger, and even tho his colleague does not object to the adjective, he is reminded that negger is a non-word and that he risk a lot for having used it. Also, the main character and a few of his colleague are smokers and go on clandestine smoking break around their office (ironically the office is the Montreal Olympic stadium) because of a law that prevent smoking within 1 km of any government building. Of course, it is not just the character’s job that is going to hell the whole society is, we hear about throughout the movie about disaster that are dismissed as normal. Also I did not see the anti-feminism and homosexuality I heard about in the review I saw before so that remove one of the biggest criticism of the movie I’ve heard. So all in all it’s a very interesting movie that is well worth watching.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Campaign Character Death

Yesterday in my weekly game, I had my first character death. The poor Forest Dwarven Cleric of VILEM died when the jaws of a giant crocodile snapped shut and tore is body in two. The critical hit brought the poor little cleric from the positive hit points far into the bloody pulpish negative bellow minus constitution score level. Luckily the rest of the party managed to kill the offending Crocodile (thanks in no small part to the fact that it was devouring said dwarf cadaver) and his retinue of smaller friends.

This marked the first PC death of this campaign world and one if not the first PC death at one of my table. Not that I usually protect pc from death but it never came up before. I must say it was quite interesting to see the other player suddenly realize that this little almost random encounter could turn deadly. They regrouped, though about fleeing the scene as they where almost out of three important resources: hit point, spell and power points and finally decided that they needed to bring the remains of their fallen comrade for a proper burial. A scene I was not really prepared for (the encounter shouldn’t have been deadly, but they were tired and low on spell) but that was nonetheless interesting. So fare well Hanzel Pointepercante, I hope VILEM’s haven is what you where looking for.

Wealth, creation or distribution?

I often hear about two apparently conflicting ideas of social contract, one involve the creation of wealth while the other involve the distribution of wealth. Apparently said ideas are completely incompatible and mutually exclusive. In short they are as follow, the first one implies that wealth is created in a society by some process (I’m guessing that many people have different ideas) and as such we should reward wealth creation as it make society as a whole richer. While the second one implies that thanks to Earth finite resources wealth can only be taken from one place and put into another what should be rewarded is sharing the wealth (or that the sharing should be forced by some institution) to help those that got less then their fair share.

Now what I want to talk about is not the values of each one or argues about the logic of their arguments. I want to talk about the fact that the redistribution of wealth idea tries to be a moral model instead of just an economic contract. You see if wealth cannot be created then we can think that everyone as a “fair” share. It then stands that anyone that as more then this fair shares of the wealth as taken (“stolen”) is increased wealth from someone else. Which bring about what I find annoying: it makes poverty into a virtue and wealth into a vice. People who have less then this fair share are seen as the abused we must protect from the bad people with more then their fair share that stole from them. Now I must be clear I do not think that the opposite is true either, wealth is not synonymous with virtue or poverty with vice. In fact I’m pretty sure that neither has anything to do with any aspect of morality. Now since I really don’t see how this idea can be separated from this moral overtone I am more inclined to put it in the religion pile then the viable economic idea pile.

What do you think? Do I misunderstand the concept? Is their something that prevents the competing ideas from being possible and as much as I don’t like this one it is the only one possible?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Canada and science

The OCDE publish an interesting survey last week, a survey that is very good new for Canada. Apparently Canadian 15 years old are amongst the best in science, ranking 3rd in the world in 2006, while Quebecer rang not far below in 4th place (if Quebec was a country). Canada and Quebec also rang in the top ten for the two other variables studied by PISA for the OCDE. I believe that this is amazing news (even if I am worried that the recent change to our education system in Quebec will throw us way back in those area in the next few years) marking Canada as one of the country where science is the most vibrant and a country that tries to be at the edge of human knowledge trying to understand the mysteries of the universe and life. One last thing, Finland and Hong Kong are both above us in science, we should try to make it that both these country can only look at Canadian kid and wonder, how can they be so good in science. Let’s be #1, not just in science but in reading and math and everywhere else we can be the best, lets not give up until we are, and then let us work to remain the best.

The little Rover that could

Today I’d like to tip off my hat to the engineer at NASA would obviously do not know the meaning of the word operating parameter. The twin rover on Mars have being build to operate for 90 days on the surface of the planet, now more then 1300 days later (more then 14 time their operating specification!) both rover are still uncovering important scientific data. I think that Spirit latest discovery might be one of the most important to date: environment on Mars similar to life filled environment on Earth. (link to BBC story). While this is amazing news for the universe (since it increase the statistical likelihood of life existing elsewhere in the universe), I need to mention that the BBC article fails to mention a third possibility for the existence of those environments: in way different that anything we have seen on Earth. Still circumstantial evidence that life friendly environment existed in cold, small, dark, dry and radiation scorched Mars, is still great news for the search for life across the universe. Oh and I still want to mention that that Spirit and Opportunity are two amazing machines and humankind should be proud to be able to build and operate such tools.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Evolution(?) of Society

I’ve been thinking following a few posts on the A2EP forum about society and the involvement of government in private life. I think I’ve come to the realization that we are perhaps unknowingly domesticating humanity. You see, the domestication process involve removing traits that are dangerous and increasing traits we find pleasing. Often, those traits are the traits that are possessed by the youth and lost in adulthood (for example playfulness in dogs and cats). In short we could say, as a first approximation that domesticating animals is the process through which we select the animal that keep remains children the longest as our pets.

Now, I don’t know if you have noticed but there seems to be a similar process going on with humanity. We are more and more encouraging adult human to exhibits child-like behavior, we encourage people to play games or to make game a style of living (professional gamers anyone?), for example. We also on a second front, find more and more excuse for behavior that are outside the individual, removing responsibility for action taken willingly and knowingly because of “socials factors”. I don’t know if you realize but technically there are very few humans without responsibility for there actions: children and people with mental defect (psychopath, sociopath and people with disabilities). Everyone else, according to our laws, is capable of knowing the difference between good and bad and making a choice about its action. But being able to make those choice means we are also able to assume the consequences of those action, and inversely. When we as a society remove the consequences of a choice or the responsibility of that choice from a person we are saying that this person is not an adult. We are basically treating him like a child, and when you are treated like a child for long enough you start to look at the people treating you as such as parent. People that have wisdom you don’t have, that will provide for you, that will protect you and that will take decision for you. Sooner or later those people that protect, provide and make decision for you will not ask for you opinion, they will not need it anyway since you will be dependent on them, and once this happen well you are no longer a free man. No, you are then domesticated men, someone that can be a pet for “free man” or whatever entities you are a responsibility of.

Yes, assuming the consequences of our action and responsibility for our choices is much more risky and scary but how else can we be free and adult?


Interesting clip about economics.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another interesting talk

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Space is our Only Hope

See I'm not the only one that think space is our only hope for long terme survival.

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Global Warming solution?

Well even if the Copenhagen Consensus showed that global warming as the worse risk-reward ratio of everything we could be doing worldwide. They said it is so because even if we spend a lot of money on global warming, very little effect will be seen. While some other idea, like working on malaria, on getting more child into school or with food cost a lot less then “solving” global warming with a lot more return on our investment. Like one speaker at TED put it: “basically 50 G$ now buy a delay of 6 years in the flooding of low land by raising see level. While putting a fraction of this in educating children of poor country give us millions more mind to solve the flooding problem.” It might looks stupid because global warming is the “hot” topic at the moment but is argument is worth listening to.

However I want to share with you another of TED talk about an idea that does sound stupid but that might be one of the cheapest and most efficient way to buy us the time we need to actually solve the problem. I’ll let you watch the video and please tell me what you think.

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Charity, business and society

I really like TED, it is a very interesting conference and the idea are great and I think we need more confence like this. I came upon a talk today about patient capital, a term I did not know about but that looks very promissing. It is in a way the opposite of charity, but in a way that help like charity would. I'll leave the video here for your viewing pleasure.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More worisome then the CRTC regulating the net.

I posted on November 9th something about the CRTC wanting to regulate access to the internet to preserve our culture. Which in itself is very worrying, but I realized that something in that news was even more worrisome. The CRTC did not decide by itself to look into regulating the internet for the French speaker of Quebec… he was asked by some group in Quebec to regulate internet usage. One or more group that apparently believes that freedom of speech, of choice and access to information are threats to our culture and need to be removed. Well it more likely that those rights are threats to their profits margin. It is scary to think that those groups have enough influence over the CRTC to make them consider something so drastic. We clearly need to find ways to prevent our bureaucrats from having so much decision making power. We also need to know what group things so little of our freedom and our knowledge that they would petition for this regulation.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm telling you, the war against the machine is coming..

Self-evolving robots? Replicating robots? and we have seen robots that fire on human... please do not combine the three! think of the children! But aside from that dreadful possibility that's pretty cool!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ruling the internet to preserve our culture...

Our nice, friendly, grandiose, always right censorship organism, also known as the CRTC is thinking about creating the great firewall of Canada (or maybe just Quebec) to “protect the culture”. Giving us the opportunity to join with great democracies like China and North Korea as country that control what their citizen can consult online. Wow, with a thing like that I probably would not be able to blog in English, it is after all a challenge to Quebec French culture that I a French Canadian publish my thoughts in English instead of my native French.

I’m sorry but I’m already thinking I don’t need an organism to control what I can ear and see in the media, why would I want one to control what I can read over the internet? Why would I need to be protected from stuff the rest of the planet can access? The only reasons I can see why someone would want to do such a thing is to either a) hide information from the citizen to be able to better control then or 2) to promote business in your country that are unable to compete with international website with better content and prices. Both reasons are unacceptable to me, the internet must be free of censorship, it must remain a tool where you can find information about everything.

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A choice we made as a society...

Often when I argue about Canadian, or more exactly Quebec’s society, I am told that something cannot be changed (or should not) because: “that a choice we made as a society”. This answer really confused me. What does that mean? That once a society has made a choice it cannot be wrong? Or maybe it means that once a society has made her choice it cannot be changed ever? Well on that last one; want to talk about the last two referendums? Or maybe it is something even greater: something that cannot be questioned ever?

For me, a choice we made as a society means nothing, yes it means that we made a choice in the past about an aspect of our society. So fracking what? Those choices should always be up for reevaluation, our society is made out of human, you know those people that makes mistake? And I don’t think that anyone as ever said that a large group of human was more intelligent or closer to perfection then a single human. So when someone questions something about our society, the answer it is a choice we made as a society is not a good one. Explain what brought that choice what the advantages of that choice are. Sure it is longer then stating it as a gospel but my suggestion at least give us the possibility of questioning the choice and maybe if it is wrong or just slightly inappropriate to change it.

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Anti-religious theme...

The movie the Golden Compass has apparently been edited from the book version to remove anti-religious themes. While I can understand a movie producer wanting to explorer different theme then the author and showing a slightly different vision of the work, I have a problem with a modification made to reduce protest against the movie. Particularly when the protest happen anyway: religious groups protest the movie saying that it is a stealth atheist attack on religion… they get people to see the movie and then they will read the book who has an anti-religious theme.

First off, stealth atheists attack on religion? Think about that, a stealth atheist attack on religion… come on atheism isn’t a religion, neither is it an organized movement with the goal to destroy your religious belief. Atheism is people not believing in god and religion, not fanatics wanting to see the end of religion. Sure some atheists promote the end of religion because they see it as a great evil, or at least something that is harmful to human civilization. But mostly atheist author write about how they see the world and they want to share that vision with their reader. Just like religious author will sometimes include their religions sins as evil in their book, or write in such way as to promote their religion as good.

In short, the book and the censorship of the movie are no more of an attack on religion than mentioning the bible as a text someone found inspiring in a movie is an attack on atheism.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

What kind of reader

What Kind of Reader Are You?
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What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Melissa stripping for spammer!

A proof that someone will raise to any challenge I guess. You've probably encountered Captchas, Completely Automated Public Turin test to tell Computer and Human Apart, you know these bits of text graphics that are garbled and almost unreadable you encounter when signing up to some stuff and when posting comments on blogs for example. Well those things are almost impossible to decipher automatically by computer making them a very effective anti-spam system. But some people have found a way to exploit the weakness in the system: human. By way of a malware a message appear on a the screen about a girl which ask you to play a striptease game: if you can guess the characters written on the screen she takes a pieces of clothes off. Where it becomes inters ting is that the characters you are asked to guess are the Captchas of an account trying to be set up for spam. While it does not enable computer to beat the Captchas technically it is still a ingenious workaround. It is also further proof that you should question the motive or random girl asking to strip for you...

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What to do with 8.5 billions..

According to the news I just read the Canadian government has an estimated 8.5 billions dollars surplus for the 5 previous months. Impressive would you say? Now everyone is asking what will the government do with all that money? The NPD say: don't lower taxes invest it on infrastructures and community, the Liberals say: don't lower taxes. Their is something I find interesting about this situation, remember last year the same government lowered tax rate? well since technically it should have lowered the revenues I'm guessing that this increase in revenues means that lowering those taxes further might be a good idea. Beside they did promise they would do it...
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I shall revise my theory

I've stated before that I have a theory about Atlantis in the Stargate universe. Basically I used to belive that the sources of most of the human, ancient, replicator and other species imbecility came from contact with Atlantis. While their was no evidence outside of empirical observation of Stargate before finding atlantis and of all species having had contact with atlantis making obviously stupid decision and ignoring obvious information. However in the latest episode and with addition observation of the Asgard, the Wraith, the G'aoul and the new traveler species I must revise the sources of this stupidity.

My new theory is that hyperspace radiation is harmful to the cognitive function of the "intelligent" species. This seems to be the only link between all those species and their appears to be a direct link between the use of hyperspace and the decline in human logic abilities. Further proof might be required but the number of species with hyperspace capability demonstrating very poor cognitive skill is indicative of a possible connection between the two.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Association des Électeurs pour l'Évolution de la Politique

I've been tired of politics and politician for a long time. This week end after hearing about Pauline Marois's proposal for Quebec's Identity, I really blew a fuse and started ranting to a friend. Said friend was becoming disillusioned with Politics and by talking we concluded that we need a means to motivate Quebec/Canadian electorate and take a more active part in politic. The way we started is simple, a web forum where you (and us) will be able to discuss , debate and think about the politics of Canada and Quebec. We wish to talk with people from all allegiance and by this sharing of idea hope to increases interest in politic and find solution for the future of Canadian and Quebec's politics. So I invite you to join us in french at:

Thanks and see you there talking french.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow, that a nice projet

I'm not normally a fan of project for Montreal finding that more often then not those project will be done in spite of the rest of Canada instead of with but this morning I was pointed to this news by a fellow blogger. Transferring the seat of the UN from New York to Montreal... wow, even if I am disillusioned with the UN at the moment I can't help but thing that this is an interesting project. The world visibility of such an achievement is huge not to mention a boom for tourism, and economics. One last thing, you know who proposed that project? yeah the "Evil" federal government...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Let it be recorded: they fired the first shot.

When, as SF predict, the unavoidable robot-human war occurs years (or months) in the future I hope history will recall that humanity was not the aggressor here. You see in South Africa a robot fired the first shots, killing unsuspecting and defenseless human on his own paving the way for the upcoming war. I was always again using robot for warfare, and now it seems my fear where justified, even when they should not be able to fire without human trigger they find ways to bypass our strongest safety. It does seems that robot are out for our blood! Protect yourself from the upcoming robot war, learn how to buy EMP weapon from duck tapes, batteries and trombone. Unplug any appliance that display anger toward you and report it to the authorities.

Let it be recorded for posterity and history: Robot fired the first shot, without provocation or just cause the War against the machine is pure and simple self defense.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The federal liberals

I've been keeping an eye on the recent event in the federal politics. Frankly it turned out as I expected it to, the last partial election results showed that the liberal were still mistrusted by the public, the lost of Outremont to the NPD was a great blow to their confidence, and they probably know that they would loose more seats to the Torries in the event of an election. I'm fully expecting the show of "force" by the Bloc Québecois to be just that a show, had the liberal fully opposed the budget they would have voted with the government just to have the opportunity to regain support in the eyes of Quebecers.

In a way the Harper government has a very good situation to keep itself in power. the opposition leader is mistrusted by Canadian and Quebecer alike, the Bloc's leader is unsure of his following in Quebec and the fourth party is making headway in the other parties stronghold. So two of the three opposition parties have a stake in keeping the government in power as long as possible or at least long enough for the wind to change. I'm also pretty sure that the Torries can win any confidence vote by convincing only 1 of the oppositions parties to vote their way, which only mean that 3 parties are needed to defeat them.

I think that the current government is trying to set up the other parties for two things, one to be the ones forcing an early election. and two for being supporter of ideas their voted didn't want or support. A win win situation for the torries.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God Fucking Stupid Syndicate

Now I think the title says it all. But let me add to it, I have doubt about the agreditation vote (come on 75% when they couldn't get 50% of the people to sign the cards...) and I really find it weird that it took one year to get a first general assembly going. Now I read the things they want to negotiate for... am flabbergasated! Basically they have unresonable demand and mostly stupid. Also they use the thing I find the most annoying in french: capitalising the feminine dénomination (i.e étudiantEs). That makes me want to strangle something, it's so stupid and wrong. So basically I'm pissed.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kinda dorky nerd God?

Well that about sums it up. says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

I am 37% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beep Beep Beep Beep

50 years ago today this Beep Beep signal could be hear in radio all over the world, what did it mean you might ask? A new era, the begining of a race to the future, a scary realisation for the US, the sign Russia had captured better German scientist in WWII... in short the passage of man first artificial satelite Sputnik 1. Yep, it's only been 50 years since men can do more then gaze at the event and actually go there. Celebrate the dawn of the space age!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Political blog soap opera

A few days (at most a week) ago I started to read the blog: Les dessous... de la politique by someone calling him/herself Elodie Gagnon-Martin. This blog at is as you can see not working anymore. Now for a while this person as been suspected of being Pierre Morin the former blogger of le suffer autonome, she/he probably still is but their as been a new development today. A new blog called les dessous... de la politique by someone calling him/herself Elodie Gagnon-Martin at notice the d instead of g, appeared. Quickly blogger figured it out and now people are asking if this new blog is false or something. Now, this actually made news in the web section of the SRC website... think about it the identity of a blogger is news!!!! I don't FRACKING care if she/he is Mario Dumont blogging or Joe Smock in Arkansas, I'm reading his/her opinion not basing life or death decision on her/his posts. His/her identity doesn't matter at all, yes he/she as an agenda she is publishing her opinion of course she fracking has an agenda! Now I'm gonna be reading the new blog for a while if it's a joke it should be apparent soon, if it's not well she/he was interesting.

Red ink is agressive...

I learned a few days ago that teachers (or TAs) should not correct the works of the student with red ink. Yes apparently red ink is an aggressive color and do not promote a proper understanding of a mistake. Is it just me or are we falling into overprotective bullshit mode right now? What kind of misadapted people are we going to end up with if they can't event deal with an aggressive color being used to point out mistake. Come on people, it's ink it's normally used because NO one writes a paper in red ink (tradition and it can be annoying to read) so you are sure that your comments and correction will not be mistaken for text. We really really have to stop protecting children and people from moronic things if you cannot deal with a color you might have problem that would required you seek medical attention. For the records all my future correction will be made using a red pen, complains can be addressed to the I don't care department.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mes cours de bio... (Biology class)

I found this french song very funny so I'll share it with you.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Health again

Well here comes an another health update, after a last set of test my situation seems to be confirmed as asthma. I also have some allergy that I did not know about, mostly animal hair and dust. Nothing really fancy or immediately dangerous but still things to watch for. I might have go get rid of my cat but it is still up in the air. Aside from that my lung are back to normal human capacity (within the margin of error of the test) and my life is getting back to normal. So here it is I hope it's the last time I have health news (about myself) to give for the next 200 years.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

University Network

While I'm waiting for some programmes to run I'd like to rant about the reliability of our university Internet connection... IT SUCKS! Basically I've been semi offline all morning and when half of your work require the Internet well you can guess how much time is wasted because of that little problem. I' betting that it only because the new semester is starting and they did not plan for the increased number of students... joy.

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A job in danger

Let me tell you about a industry that is in peril, an industry that we should right now ask the governments to protect. This is an industry that as shaped Quebec history and that as employed hundred of people in the past and now that is barely (if event) supporting a few professional. I am talking of ice seller, particularly the door to door variety. The governments should definitively intervene so that those few precious people don't lose their livelihood and that this important part of Quebec economy isn't lost.

You might have understood that I am kidding, their probably isn't any door-to-door ice seller left anywhere in Canada, their job lost to the advance of technology, change in culture and economic reality. I want to talk about this because we are facing the same kind of situation with other industries right now and we are asking the government to "foolishly" protect them. I believe that our goal should not be to protect the industries we already have (particularly industries in the primary sector of the economy) but to build new domains more adapted to our economic reality. We have the capacity to teach our people the skill needed for complex job in high tech industry we shouldn't limits our self to primary resources production.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

A little health update

Well their really isn't much to say, I'm feeling much better no difficulty breathing and no coughting fits. So their nothing really to report, I'm doing well. I've been taking good care of myself and taking thing smooth and relax. Basically resting and stuff like that. I should be posint deep meaning full post soon (well that will be a first but hey).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Health update

Well their isn't much to say about my life right now, I'm taking medicine, resting, reading, sending e-mails, reading some more, checking my fitness with short walks and generally taking care of myself to get better. I am proud to say that I am actually getting better, yesterday a short 10 minutes walks got me slightly winded (you know enough to know that I had been doing exercises). Today the same walk didn't get me winded at all, it is a far cry from my usual shape ( I can usually walk for hours before being winded) but it is a good sign. Aside from that I haven't suffered from any shortness of breath and I can actually feel my lung capacity increasing. Well maybe that just wishful thinking since I do not have actual measurement but the time it takes me to inhale my medicine as been reduced very significantly. I'll keep you posted with the rest of my improvement in the future.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The most mindnumbling day of my life

Well yesterday started pretty awfully, after finding myself out of breath after putting on my shoe I got my body message and when to the emergency room to see what was wrong with me. Once there I learned that very low blood oxygen saturation level, high high rate and difficulty breathing are considered very alarming by nurse and did not get to have the waiting room experience of the usual old lady visiting the emergency room. I was sent in way less then 2 minutes into the reanimation room (rest assure that even if I was in a reanimation room I was conscious and still as coherent as I can be) where the nurse plugged me on oxygen and a specialist prepared heavy duty asthma treatment. I had apparently a very strong (and dangerous, possibly deadly according to the nurse) asthma attack. After an emergency bronchodilatation treatment I passed a test to see how well I was breathing compared to the average person... disastrous result I was only at 26%. that surprised the specialist and doctor as I was doing rather well and had regained a lot of colors to my face. Later that day the specialist explained to me that had my first result be lower (because it meant that my initial value must have been around 15-17%) they would have forced breathing tube down my throat. So the day started in an exciting but worrisome way, unfortunately the worrisome would remain and the exciting would leave.

After a few heavy bronchodilation treatment I was moved from the reanimation room (still animated, not reanimated with the only pain being left-over from the pointless insertion of a IV drip of soluté) to the emergency room proper. I was by about 20 years the youngest patient there and the one who required the less care. Basically all the needed to do was take my vitals every 4 hours and give my bronchodilation treatment every 3h (heavy bronchodilation treatement about 5 time the usual dosage). That meant that I only saw someone about every 3h... now when you are conscious, in no pain what so ever and without anything to distract you the emergency room is mindnummingly boring. The only thing that changed a little that I could look at was a clock... 10 fracking hours of looking at a clock because it's the most interesting thing I was seeing! I tried to ask for anything to do or read (I was forbidden from walking until the evening because they were worried about my oxygen level that was hovering at around 95% even with an oxygen feed) and they told me they had nothing. I was so bored that I started playing guitar hero in my mind... and tried to mentally practice my kung fu moves in my head too.

but in the end I was bored out of my mind, I was about to ask my parent to bring my sword so that I could go on a rampage just to have something to do! ok maybe not that bad but at the most boring moment I thought it could be funny. Luckily the evening shift doctor though I was well enough to send me home for the night. I know I couldn't have slept there, first the bed was too small for me, second their is always noise and light, third they would be waking me up every so often to check my vitals (even if they are far from punctual), fourth the bed is so small I can't move and the Iv drip mean I can't sleep in my usual position. So that would have been my second night in a row without any sleep not good for healing. Anyway I got sent home I have a shitload of medication (no only 4) and a few follow up examination to set up but I seem to be well on my way to recovery, but you can be sure that that day more then any pain and discomfort convinced me never to let that happen again. Quebec really need to start putting more money in patient care, I know that I probably would have had gotten better faster if most of my time hadn't been spend being bored and pissed off at being bored. Damn it getting a few magazine isn't that hard!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A changed world?

You must remember 6 years ago today, the World Trade tower collapsed, the Pentagon was attacked and a plane crashed in pensylvina that was apparently targeting the White House, my first thoughts where that the world has we knew it would change dramatically. Hell I half expected to learn that some country who had sponsored the attack had been turned into a nuclear wasteland by a too zealous Bush. Now, 6 years later, I wonder did the world change?

My observation tell me that no, the world did not change september 11th 2001. Some would say that the fear of terrorism or the war on terrorism is a change in the world, but I think it is just a new way to express the same fear of the other, the stranger. In the 50s we had the communiste, and now in the 2000s we have terrorist. Increased security in airport and at the border you might say? Aside from the fact that you now need a passport to go to the US the difference is mainly cosmetic. The war in Afghanistan? yes, that wouldn't have happened without september 11th, however war in that section of the world is unfortunatly nothing new. the war in Irak then... well I'm betting that without 9-11 Bush would still have ordered the invasion of Irak, 9-11 was just a pretext to bring justification to the table they would have found another. More terrorist attack? I'd be surprised if that was really the case, I'm more and more convinced that it is actually more press for each terror attack then an actual increase in the number of attack worldwide.

Don't get me wrong tho, I think it is a good thing that the world didn't change after that attack. Changing the world and our way of life was/is the goal of those that orchestrated this attack and their failure to change our life and the world might be our greatest victory yet. Let us not hide in fear before threats, nor shall we bow down to the demande of those that would try to use fear as a weapon against us.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Somewhere on the edge of the belt curve.

I really think this xkcd comic fits me...
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The real truth(tm) about the dinosaurs

Do I really need to say anything more then what his said in this link? Enjoy, young earth creationism at his best by the creator of Dark Dungeon the very goodest explanation of why RPG are evils.
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Jewish Neo-Nazi?

A few days ago I came upon a article (sorry I can't find it anymore) about how the jewish police of Israel arrested 8 jews for attacking obviously religious jew, gays and handicap people. Those jew where found to be member of a neo-nazi group who basically worshiped Hitler... Now if you told me a few months ago that I would read a story about nazi jew, I'd have guessed it would have been SF or at least an alternate history fantasy. I'm almost wondering if we are witnessing the first baby step in a new "revolution" an attempt to bring forth old ideologies and overthrown the current world order. The rise of extreme right movement just about everywhere in the world is worrisome (slight digression, the Conservative and the ADQ are not extreme right parties, not even close nor at the US Republican for that matter).

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Freedom from Religion.

Recently, the canadian director of election ruled that it would be possible for Muslim woman to identify themself only using an ID card with pictures to vote. They would not need to shows their face to anyone. I find it innacceptable, incredibly stupid and a mockery of all that keep our democratie fair. It is possible easy even, to get an ID card and a burkha or something else to hide your face and vote, two, three, five, twenty time even oh sure you have to know people that are on the elector list but that not that hard since about 35% of the people don't vote you probably know one or two. I'm sorry but if you want to vote you have to identify yourself in a way that you can actually be identified, having an ID card is not an identication it's possession of a piece of plastic damn it!

I'm getting sick and tired of seeing privileges asked (and sometimes granted) by religous groups or institution in the name or their belief and the freedom of religion. I'm willing to accomodate some religious pratice by for exemple allowing woman that need to cover their face in public to be identified for their vote in a private room by a few appropriate and asermented people. I'm willing to offer them ways to fufill their religious oblication while respecting our laws NOT to bypass our law.

In a way I think we should be granted freedom from religion, might solve a lot of problem...

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Black Belt: ph33r my m4d kung fu skillz

As the title seems to indicate I have finally achieved the rank of black belt in Kung Fu and as the second part of the title indicate I'm not taking it very seriously. I've come to understand long ago (in judo in fact) that the black belt is just a step in the direction of mastery and is actually quite far from it. In a way it basically just says: now you know enough to start really learning and not hurt yourself in the process. Still this represent more then 5 years of practicing Kung Fu and I am rather proud that my almost epileptic-like flailing was considered to look enough like Kung Fu to deserve that grade. Now I only need to continue working until I reach the rank of master, which given the time I'm working on Kung Fu should take only 200 years... then their is the grand master rank, which I should reach to minutes after the end of time.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

I wonder about Canadian schools

A friend of mine just sent me this vide talking about the problem of american public schools. We are not talking about the college level school there but primary education. And it makes me wonder how far, above (or below) we are compared to them. The reforms in Quebec of the public school system seems to be sending us the way the us are going (or were going) and this is frankly scaring the hell out of me. For an added scare go look at this post (in french) about something that apparently happened in a Quebec school.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another round of dating site stats

More then one year ago I posted statistic about my "success" on a dating site (you can see the message here). Now, I as I will be leaving those site (at least for a while) I've decided to see how my statistic had evolved with time. This time around 2% of all visits resulted in a message into my mail box. 11% of the message I sent resulted in an exchange of message but only 36% resulted in real conversation (more then 3 messages). Those message resulted in me meeting 10% of the girls but 0% of those meeting resulted in a relationship. At least 50% ended in a very good friendship but this stats can change quite easily.

If you look at the old statistic you will see a impressive improvement in most of my statistics. I take it as a good news event if the success rate is still zero. Beside last time I left dating sites I dated a cute 18 years old so maybe it will be a lucky time for me again.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A song...

A little far from political correctness but the message is funny and clear. And in some way very true, if someone isn't a follower of your religion our laws are made so that you should not impose your views on them.
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And a new school year stars

I realized this morning when I got to the university that it was the ninth year in a row that I had to live through the vary annoying initiation week. Any one that has college education or been a member of an organisation strongly oriented toward team spirit has had to go through one of those bounding ritual called initiation.

While I do find the idea interesting I must admit that after nine year of seeing some every year more or less the exact same procession I get a little bored with it. Not to mention that more then one department ask their initiated to basically beg for money to pay for alcohol in this night party. So that means not being able to walk 5 m on the campus without being solicited very annoying. Oh well it's be over soon enough and if I'm lucky I won't be bothered by them too much.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Good citizenship

Today I had a taste of the worse the Loi sur les heure d'ouverture of Quebec had to offer. For those of you living outside Quebec it is the law the prevents shops to have more then 4 peoples working for you on holidays and in the evening on the week ends. While I find this to be a very annoying thing, something pissed me off a lot more today. You see thanks to this law when i went to do my groceries today I found myself in a pack supermarket with only 3 cashiers obviously this made for very long lines. While I am a patient men and don't mind waiting in line many things happened in that line to annoy me. First they are the quitter, while I don't mind someone entering the shop and seeing lines that would decide to leave the shop I find unacceptable that someone would abandon their grocery cart filled with goods in an alley to leave. Second they are the line cutters, here is the situation there was this huge line that at the register split into two lines (one for each open register) people would keep trying to get into the line that split off from the main one... as if the people in the long line where stupid or something not to realise that the other one was like 45 minutes shorter. And finally there are the complainer.. people who spend 5 minutes bitching the cashier about how it is unacceptable to have such long waiting time... well Einstein if you didn't waste 5 minutes with her two peoples could have paid and left!

And all that are sign that people have trouble living with other people. I actually had to tell a woman cutting in line (after I told her she was cutting) "Miss I am talking to you, yes you in the white and red shirt I'm talking to you, you are the one cutting the lines" three times. Come on a little good citizenship and this would have been easy fast and a good opportunity to socialize (which i did with 1 cute girl, 2 old people and a few other guys). Oh well that was my rant.

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A public service annoncement

Woman, please hear those words: Men cannot read mind, they barely understand their own thought so do not expect them to understand yours. Expect subtle request to be ignored or misunderstood, untold expectation to remain unfufill and your fantasies to remaind in the realm of fiction if you do not share them. To most men a look means you are looking at something nothing more , yes means yes and no means no. Asking men to choose something means that he will choose something he likes, if you want him to choose what you'd like give him at least hints (which he probably will not get...)

No, nothing happened in my lift to prompt this post, unfortunatly. But I think that this announcement could be made a few times a years to improve relation between men and women.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wishmaster - The Misheard Lyrics

This is really funny... if you know the song from Nighwish.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dating site woes

I've been a visitor to some dating site for a while now and as time goes by I am noticing a rather depressing fact. A large proportion of girl on those site are simply not interesting. Well many picture are very interesting but the profile of those woman can be summed as follow: Like good red wine, dinner with friends, the great outdoors, having fun with friends but also to snuggle with a boyfriend while watching a movie. I kid you not close to 90% of profile have those words and most of the time only those words. Add to that the smoker, woman with more then 3 children at 23 (surprisingly common apparently and some even specify they are not from the same father... word of advice that's not a good way to attract a guy!), the woman who list only the above as her interested by ask that be uninterested in everything that guy likes (cars, sex, video game, etc) and of course the ever popular I'm only interested in friends but that is looking for love...

Of course not all dating site are the same, well no they pretty much are you basically just change the way woman (and guy, seriously I looked at guy profiles for inspiration onces and either I'm not living on the right planet or most of those guy are boring as a spoken word version of Celine Dion discography) say the same things. It is so bad that I've been a member with full privillege acces to one site (i.e a freak that pays for acces) for more then two months now and I haven't found a single profile interesting enough to send a message to!

Oh well, it's not like I expect the dating site to be the answer to everything but I hoped it would be a good way to meet new people... which it proved to be, I meet two very interesting woman (who are now my friends). On slightly related news I finally got the phone number of a cute 23 years old I was chatting with in my dance class, don't expect a relationship to come from that but it's nice. I think I need more single friends.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

4th Edition...

Wizards of the Cost as announced today the soon to be release of Dungeon and Dragon 4th edition. If you want to read/hear about it head to the wizard web site and watch the videos. Now I must say that I am very impressed with the online tool but I am not sure it will be such a great time saver, I'm guessing it will take a lot more time to do it online then to do it on paper grid here at home in preparation. Not to mention that a dungeon isn't that bad but what about cities? or the wilderness how much more complex will it be?

Another question I have is his it really necessary? Intuitively I would say no, but then again I've spend many hundred dollars on 3rd edition stuff which is going to be (if previous changes in edition are any indication) but then again I am probably wrong. Many thing can be improved with 3rd edition and maybe it was time to get a 4th edition, I'm gonna reserve my jugement for the final product.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enemies of Reason

Well I do not agree with everything Richard Dawkins says about science and it's opposition to spiritualism but I do however subscribe to the view that belief in spite of contrary evidence is silly. If not crazy or downright dangerous.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A dillemma

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me about a philosophical dilemma and was quite surprised by my answer (she didn't like the cold rationality of it). This got me thinking and I was wondering what you my reader would have answered and what you do think of my answer (and explanation for it). So I present to you the dilemma:

You have a choice to make, you can choose only one option (they are mutually exclusive) and nothing in the universe will be able to prevent the consequences of not choosing the other choices from happening, also you must choose something, also not all choices are as likely to succeed as the others. Your choices are as follow:
1. Save your child that is suffering from a incurable disease and will die in the next 10 minutes unless you find the cure (you have 1 in 2 chance of succeeding)
2. Save your village from an invading army that will destroy it in 1 month (1 in 50 chance of success)
3. Save your country from nuclear inhalation from an enemy country in 1 year (1 in 500 chance of success)
4. Save humanity from an invading alien civilisation that will destroy them in 10 years (1 in 5000 chance of success)

Think about it and in a few lines I will tell you my answer and why.

My answer with those odd is to save the child, it is the only one choice with a reasonable chance of success given the conditions. I might only be giving him one month to live (he's gonna die in the village destruction apparently) but at least I'd be giving someone a chance to live. The village and country solution even if they are far more likely to happen then the humanity survival one and their is also the idea that this cure could be used on other children... but that not part of the dilemma so it shouldn't matter. Now I also told my friend that with different odds I would choose a different answer, the thing is that I would save humanity if it was basically possible to do so. You see statistically a 1 out of 5000 chance is impossible in a single attempt drawing, it could happen of course that change is not 0 but it is not likely enough to be considered an eventuality. Suppose however that you increased the chance of saving humanity to 1 in 2500 (doubling your chances in a way) well you go from the real of almost impossible to the very unlikely but possible and at those odds I would try to change humanity.

This is what my friend found too rational, the fact that I was using the odds of success to make my choice. The fact that I was passing on saving humanity because with those odd it was basically doomed and that saving the child (who is supposed to be my child in the dilemma someone that would be very dear to me) is the most likely situation. What do you think.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Less we forget Russia

putting more funding in the Those of you who are as young as I am didn't live through much of the cold war and for me at least the threat of Russian bomber or of a large scale war are pretty much nonexistent. The end of the cold war with the fall of the Berlin wall the threat of a war between super power seemed to be gone. The subsequent collapse of the Russian power structure, military power and economic live kept this idea strong. However recent event are starting to make we wonder if we are just not forgetting the existence of a dangerous dragon because it fell asleep. We first saw Poutine increase funding to the army , weapon research and bringing Russia back to it's former places as a nuclear powerhouse now we have Russian restarting flyby by nuclear capable bomber of US forces (and probably NATO forces too). While the article probably rightfully downplay the event as something unimportant it might be a good idea to keep watch on Russia, it might not be the super power it once was but it's still a power we have to consider in the world. My opinion right now is that more and more power block are emerging and that the balance of power between them is unstable. Not to mention that the old power block are not yet gone and want to protect their existence. If alliance start to happen we might start to worry about a new great war.

Creation myths

If being thinking about doing a new post for a while but couldn't really get an idea about what to post about. I suddently got an idea when I was pointed to a test to see if I was a stupid skeptic or an intelligent one (which apparently revolve around my agreement or not with the bible). I want to talk about creation myths. More precicely how the current theory for the creation of the universe is in a way a creation myth.

In a creation myth we the human civilisation tries to explain how the world/universe was created and in some case why. It usually involve processes that are unknown to us or event unknowable, and it tries to explain how everything comes from that single event (or series of event). Now the current theory of the creation of the universe (I should say theories as they are now theories about how the Big Bang came to be) the Big Bang fits with those two criterium. We think that the primordiale explosion of something created space time and resulted in the slow cooling of matter and radiation resulted in the self colapse of matter into the structer we now see. Now if we look into more details for the theory most of the process after the first few hundred years after the Big Bang are well understood (some still elude us tho) but before that more and more unknown arise and the closer we get to the Big Bang the less we understand.

Still event if the process are unknown they are not unknowable and the Big Bang is not the reality it is a model that we try to make fit with the reality. The Big Bang is the model that best fits with reality as we know it. It predict many thing that nothing else as predicted before and it explain some of the strangest proprieties of space and time. However like many scientific theory we might one day find some feature that make the Big Bang Theory impossible and well science will moves to another creation myth.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Remember Hiroshima

August 6th 1945, Hiroshima atomic fire where unleashed for the first time in a war, remember it till the end of time, less it's devastation be repeated all over the world.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I talked about this serie for a while so here I am posting the first episode for your enjoyment. Like the PHB (SNEAK ATTACK!) PSA one you should watch them and thank me profusely for letting you know about them.

oh and by the way, squirrel on Jessica Alba.

Step power

According to this article two student of MIT found an interesting way to generate power in our big cities. They call it crowd farming an act by which they use the mecanical energy of people steping on the ground to generate power. While you do not generate that much power it could be used as a secondary source of energy to lower our reliance on fossil fuel and stuff like that. And it as the added bonus of serving as extra exercices for the people walking (well not that much extra but still every little bit count). Idea such as this are great exemple of why I love science, you find new unexpected way to do stuff, new solution to problem and it does look fun (see the chair exemple in the article).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let us compare

Today a tragedy happened in the United State, for unknown reason a bridge fell into a river in Minneapolis. At moment I'm writing those line only three persons died in this terrible event. I hope no more casualty join them considering the hours when it collapse (18h05) the bridge must have been packed. We do not yet know what might have cause the bridge to collapse but I would invite my readers from Canada (and in particular Quebec) to pay attention to how this is investigate and what happens after. I would love to compare the way this tragedy is studied to the Viaduc de la Concorde, sure, the size is very different but the structure are about the same age and people will probably ask for a lot of answers.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A safety blanket

After reading Yofed's post about the nature of god I decided to post one of a similar nature. I believe most of you already have an idea of the nature of the post from the title and the first line but before I begin I want to say that that my vision of god is not extended to the people that believe in god. So to begin:

To me god is a safety blanket, early in life a child believe that it grant him protection and safety. He integrate it in all aspect of life and use it as a confidant, a protector. The safety blanket grand him supper power in his game, it makes him a super hero when he really believe, it hide him from the eyes of the world when he wants to be alone. Having a blanket to protect himself, confide in , comfort him downs,t make sense for the adult but to the child it is the most logical thing in the world. He will throw tantrum when his world view is disputed, he will refuse to eat, sleep or do most thing without his blanket. He believes that no matter what happen the blanket will be there to protect him and save him from harm. He takes other kids and adult humoring his fantasy as sign of the power of the blanket to hide and protect him.

But in the end the child must grow up and leave the fantasy of the blanket protection. It is actually harmful to his development to keep it beyond his childhood. The belief that the blanket can make him fly might kill him when he tries it for real. The blanket has no special power to hide him and no special wisdom to impart to the child now adult, it is just in the end a blanket given power by the imagination of a child. The blanket like god is a safety net a way to fell safe in a world that makes little senses to give senses to that world. It can do miracle, it knows all, it talks to you and accept you exactly like you are, in short it is the perfect friend. A perfect illusion that help you fell safe, protected, loved but in the end an illusion.

The idea for this post came to me when I thought about a quote from Konstatin Tsiolkovsky the theoretical father of rocketry: "Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever." The child analogy struck me as very fitting for the form of god.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now, who said astronomy wasn't cool

Ok everybody agrees that rock n' roll is pretty cool, not everyone agree that astrophysics is cool but now I think we have the irrefutable proof that it is in fact. Apparently a rock star will be finishing is phd in Astrophysics (after a small wait of 30 years!). Yep, guitarist Brian May is a former phd student in astrophysics and not only that he will be getting data from the Canaries Island. Well he will not be using the WHT like I was he will apparently be using the slightly smaller Galileo telescope (a 3.6 m telescope) and he isn't studying something that I know about (Zodiacal dust cloud). So if astrophysics is good enough for a one of Queen's member it must be pretty cool no? Ok you might say it is not but try to name another science which ever had a true rock star phd (not an honorary one).

Rock On Astrophysics!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dating site and stuff

I was reading a post about friendship between men and woman on another blog and it had a link to Marc Boilard's web site. For those of you who do not know Marc Boilard, he is a self proclamed master of seduction who has an interesting saying: "Their is two type of guy in the world, those that buy the bras and those that unhook them." As most people I'd prefer to in the second group (well as most heterosexual guy and some lesbian I'm guessing). But anyway back to the web site, it features a dating site section... where: woman rules. Now, with the usual 10 to 1 men to woman ratio in most dating site I fail to see how this is a new concept. On most dating site woman can chose to reject guy simply by their pictures, or if they don't like the title of the mail they send them of for whatever other reason... just like Boilard's site in fact.

Strangely I don't wonder why this is the case, I've already said that I belive it is a lot easier for a woman to find a guy that it is for a guy to find a woman (with a few notable exception). Also most of the woman I know are a little "affraid" of the internet and technology or simply not technosavi (there are more exception to this rule however). Those two factors combined make the number of male on dating site disproportionally high. And there is one last thing, most profile are dead boring, I'm guessing that just about 90% of the people there like: good wine and diner with friends and the great outdoors. Oh well their are some interesting people there.. I hope cause I'm still on one. No, not Boilard's.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Right, left, up, down, front or back

Well I've been reading for the past few months a few political blog of people on different side of the political spectrum. And I've come to a conclusion, the political spectrum is crap. All it does is polarize debate and stop idea that are not on the popular side of the spectrum at the moment. I really don't understand how we continu to refuse ideas based on a perception of where it stand on an abstract, ill defined and very subjective spectrum. I've read blogs that simply make fun of the other side (whatever it might be), blog that try to promote their side and blog that complain that the world is not on their side enought. But frankly it only achieve to waste a lot of energy, and to discart a lot of good idea because they do not fit a minority idea of what should be. I'm starting to belive that the only way our social system can progress is to drop the whole idea of left and right and simply work with ideas, would this be a good idea for the good of the society and it's people or wouldn't it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Intriguing web site...

Hmm while visiting some web site I saw and add on the left side for "pretty, horny and single girl in Donnacona". Well since I know someone that lives there and that has seen pretty much everyone in the small town (Donnacona host 5500 souls). So I looked at the picture and the web site from the add and I must say that Donnacona didn't look like that when I went there... and even if I could belive they where some girl like that in Donnacona, I couldn't belive that on a population of almost 6000 their could be over an hundred sexy, horny, single girl between 20 and 29 years old. I wonder how much reseach they do before putting their "planted" profiles to attract men or woman here. I could belive a number like that for Quebec or another of the provinces not too small town (anything over 10 000 soul basically). But for Donnacona? come on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The problem with nuclear power

I am someone that believe in nuclear power as a safe and environmentally friendly power source. I could go into detail about why it is Eco friendly and safe but today I prefer to go into the problem of nuclear power and our society. As the accidents in Japan illustrate, nuclear power has risk for the environment. These risk can be minimised or even almost completely removed with an easy step: vigilance. If we keep watch on our installation and do not let any problem go unreported, nuclear power will be safe. However while this happen for the first few years after the establishment of the nuclear power plan our human nature makes us forget our vigilance when nothing happens. Add to that our society idea that profits must always increase we get a combination that can be deadly.

Not to mention that our installation are now facing a crisis, most of them where planed into the 50s and where quite safe, but hard radiation does unpredictable harm to substance (basically tearing them apart at the atomic level if you will) and heavy overhaul must be done in most of the power plan around the world. However, environmental "concern" and public fear of nuclear power (strangely weak in Japan) delay or get those repair cancel with promises that the power plan might be turned off. However growing energy needs and concern in other area of the environmental debate force those power plan to remain operational. The problem is that the longer we keep a power plan in service without modernising it a lot the greater the risk something goes wrong... dangerously wrong.