Monday, November 27, 2006

When normal week go busy...

Well what started as a long but normal not too busy week just transformed into a very busy no time for posting on the blog (yes I'm aware of the irony of this statement) week. In addition from suffering from sever lack of sleep (thanks to the side effect of a antibiotic I'm taking for a sinusitis) I was just reminded that I have to produce a posters for an oversea conference I will not even be attending for next week and I have to prepare a presentation for my doctorat projet also due next week. Oh well it's doable but my social life will probably be inexistant up until next week.

Oh on a completly unrelated note, apparently some girl contacted me after having read this blog (technically you could say that I'm taking time off this busy week to say this on the blog and using the week nature as an excuse but you'd be wrong)... maybe I should say despite reading this blog but she did say she wouldn't have contacted me without reading it. She found it funny, well that made my day so I'm sharing it with you gentle reader (and the no so gentle too no discrimination here). Well here I had some more ranting to do but work is calling and if I want to survive the day without tearing anyone heads off I'd better go.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A nation so fracking what?

Yesterday in either a brillant or blantantly stupid political move the Honorable Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada proposed a motion to have the canadian parlement reconise a nation statuts to the pronvince of Quebec. If it manage to throw the souvernist mouvement into disarray and remove one of their argument (that Quebec is nation and that the federal governement doesn't want to reconize it because they are eeeevil) it will prove to be a brillant move.

Otherwise, if it continues as it appear to be going, i.e that the rest of Canada is pissed because they see another gift to Quebec and that the souvernist mouvement is pissed up because the motion proposed by Harper include the words: "inside an united Canada" well it's will probably be a very stupid move. It's like there was this hornet nest in the corner of canadian politic and Harper decided, hey lets poke it a few times to see if they are still hornet in it... well guess what it appear that the hornet are still there and alive.

Now about that title, even if Quebec is reconized as a nation, so what? The native american are reconized as a nation, much good it does them. Like krimpoff (warning french) said on his blog if that the biggest concern in Canada we truly are "The bestest country in the world" to translate Jean Chretien words. I hoped when I heard the news yesterday that it would shut the whole constitution debate, the the souvernist would be too flabbergasted and that the rest of canada wouldn't care about a word who give basically nothing to Quebec. But I was wrong, the rest of Canada fear the possibility this word open up and the souvernist mouvement found some semantic to debate. The joy of politic.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The hair

As some of you know I've been growing my hair longer, as a matter of fact chances are that I haven't cut my hair since that last time I saw you (except V I guess.) Now, I guess it started as lazzyness on my part but now, it more like confusion. You see roughtly half the woman I know find that my hair makes me looks great (ok maybe not great but good.. ok not good but ok... oh well not bad alright) while the other half simply can't stand it.

I don't usually mind what other people think of how I look but as a single guy I'm guessing that heeding woman opinion on my hair can't be that bad a thing right? Now either I should find some criteria to select which woman I should listen to, or woman should hold a vote and decide if the longer hair looks better or worse then the shorter one.

Anyway for the moment my decision is to wait a little and then cut them a little because they are getting annoying. Well not really annoying but distracting and that annoying.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well a nice reason to finish my phd faster

[Warning: I am only stating opinions.]

Today I've found out that the syndicalisation of the student will go through. Apparently 74% of all people that could vote throught the postal vote voted yes. As such the syndicate will be formed. I've got a few problem with this, first I did not receive a voting ballot, even if I should have according to the criterium they where supposedly using if I was the only one I could thing it was a mistake but at least an other Astrophysic student find himself in the same situation. Second if they could only get 35% of the people to sign their card when they showed up in person how is it possible that 74% say they approve in a postal vote. My opinion is that something smells fishy.

To make matter worse apparently all vote that where not sent in where considered to be vote for the no camp. I'm wondering how it is possible that far more then 70% of the people are for the syndicalisation (oh it is possible, it's just that previous attempt showed a very diffrent trend) when the 26% against include: the people that didn't care enough to send a vote, where for the syndicalisation but forgot to vote, people that refused to vote because not voting ment no.

One possible theory is that those that did not sent a vote where simply not counted.. (quite easier to get 75% for then since most people for will send in votes), that the "voting" process is screwed and biased (afterall I've got at least 2 peoples that should have been able to vote that couldn't) or that they simply are posting the result they wanted. I wouldn't have wondered much about a close vote, but 74% is just too much for me to accept it without asking question.

Oh well I'd challenge those number but I've asked if anyone would back me up.. no one seems interested and since I do not want risk my life and health for a few month of stupidity I'll just use this as motivation to finish faster.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Crime and punishment

Following piccolo's post about Saddam's trial I've been thinking about Quebec and the world's judicial system. Today will reading the news I've found this: 38,000-year jail term sought. I'm wondering what is the point of a jail term that is more 478 time larger then the life expectancy in Spain. I'm for longer sentences for crime, but seriously their are limits, you could go for say twice the life expectancy of the population (to account for increase in life expectancy and just random luck of people living longer then other) but farther then that is just plain silly.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is Halloween dead?

Most people know that yesterday was Halloween, seriously if I hadn't known I wouldn't have realised it. I honestly only saw one kid disguised (in a tiger) and only 2 houses decorated. I remember when I was younger (or maybe it was simply leaving in a smaller town) houses where decorated, most of the kids where disguised and the street where full of trick or treater. Maybe it's because all my plan for halloween (well almost I still got Final Fantasy XII) fell appart (no horror movie "festival", no flags of our father either) but I was felling nostalgic. Oh well must be my old age acting up again.