Monday, January 30, 2006

Ok that was weird

My mother just called me to let me try to hear my cat on the phone. Yeah as I should be at Megantic for a while I left my cat at my parents home but I really didn't expect them to call me and try to let me hear the cat speak... which of course he didn't do. Oh well I only wanted to share this weirdness with you.

Aren't I supposed to be at Mont Megantic

Well actually I was supposed to be but after the really nice (read snow, wind, low visibility and very slippery road) weather we had today and considering the fact that tonight is going to be really good for observation (read cloudy, with the possibility of more cloud and partial chance of seeing the cloud through a small hole in more clouds) we (by we I mean me and the girl I'm supposed to be observing with) decide to stay in Quebec. That gave me the chance of talking with the Spanish collaborator that is in Quebec for the week. We talked about my project and the article that I had started to write about a year ago (yeah my director is kinda slow on giving feedback). So even if I didn't get to observe it was a pretty useful day for my project.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yofed wants a drunk post

Well I am kinda drunk, ok I am drunk 5/6 of a bottle of wine kinda make me that way. So am gonna make a drunk Post like Yofed asked me to. I think I'm gonna say something about myself few if any people know. First I don't like porn, well that not exactly true what I mean is I don't like hard core porn. As I have said before I am a "romantic" kinda of guy and I prefer something more sensual and less down and dirty with fake orgasm and bad acting. Strange has it may seem seem I'd prefer a porn porn with real seduction and a real story then the usual 5 second before sex story we usually get. Yeah, in short I'm horny and drunk.

oh and one last thing I prefer small boobs to big ones, small and perky all the way for me. lol well that the last of my drunk posting next time back to my serious side (has if I had one!)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A man answer to Piccollo...

Picollo a good friend (even if we do disaggree on everything political) asked on her blog this question: Why Men are Men? Allow me to quote her post and to answer it as a man to "defend" mankind. Please note however that nothing I will say is an answer to Picollo's situation.

I think girls will understand here. At first, when you go out with a guy, he is nice, wants to look good, he helps you at home. Everything's good. He wants to take time with you and have fun. But after a while, everything is more important then you. But he loves you! Just that he doesn't realize this is not enought to think it, he has to show it to you!

And what is realy funny about this blog is that I know sometimes, Mr. Stormcrow read it. Mr. I love you so much, but thse times, I'm not feeling it too much because of not enought time together. My life is a bit too crazy for me, and when I can't count on you to help me, it's a bit too hard. I know everything will take his place soon, but I need to see that you love me.

My best friend and I conclued that the perfect man for us (beautiful, romantic, good at home) is inexistent or gay... And most already be with someone...

Well having experience the same reaction in previous reaction and though about it now that I am single (and for some reason I'm pretty sure this post will not help the situation...) . I don't pretend to have a definitive answer but I have some observation to make that might I hope make some woman think and maybe help in understanding this.

First, I think that affection and "show" of love have some addictive propriety, namely when you have some for a while you need more so that it feels special and in effect you need many more or more impressive "show" of love to consider you had as many show of love as before.

Second , most men that are nice, wants to look good for you and spend a lot of time with you are usually the kind of men that will keep their promise, to you and to other. So when they promise someone to do something every week there are very few things that will make them break their promises even if they have less and less time.

Third, people (not just woman or men) have a tendancy to want to have time with their loved one WHEN they want to have it, not when their parterner are availlable. This create the problem that we feel our parterner are deserting us when in fact they are simply as busy as we are and we just don't take the time to find time where it would be good for the both of them.

Fourth, I've experience that woman that fell they are not getting shown any love stop showing love to their parterner. This create a loop in a way, a guy slow is shows of love, the girl inconciously slow her show of love then since he is not being shown love he doesn't really think about love he lower again his shows of love and the circle continu until both do not feel loved anymore. I think that a little show of unexpected love, a little flower or an unplaned message goes a long way to solve that problem.

Fifth, their is sometimes large difference in teh amonts of free time two people have and that really cause havoc on the time spend togethere. If person 1 has lots of free time she end up seeing her friends, doing her hobbies and having time to enjoy her significant other. If she is with person 2 that as basically a precisous few hours of free time a week she might end up filling up on scheduled event with friends, some hobbies because her free time happens while person 1 is busy and she done. She tries to set time with person 1 but life interefer and she lacks time but since person 1 has time she fell that person 2 isn't giving her enought attention.

Sixth, I don't really belive that woman want a beautiful, romantic, good at home perfect man for a husban or boyfriend. They like man say they want perfection but don't want it because perfection makes you feel bad when you are not perfect. I can't say I know what man or woman want but I'm pretty sure perfection is not it.

Finally I don't think I've defened men position or even really answered the question but I belive that I might have raised some issue that might put the problem in new light. Like most couple problem I don't belive the men or the women are the only one to blame for it cause. Sometimes it feel like men don't show their love for their women but have their woman showed them their love? And men if you fell you are making all the effort in the relation, think about what your significant other has done to accomodate you. You will probably find that you are the one that is not putting enough effort into the relation.

Now if I can only listen to my own advice in my next relationship, I'd probably be a much better partner

Oh my god.

Well I had an news again cigarette now I have a scary very scary news ... google aggreeing to censor itself in China. The form of censorship I find the most repulsive is the propaganda kind, you know when something like a governement arange to censor every information that do not support their view of a subjet. This form of censorship is the bread and butter if not the very life support system of dictatorship. It is also a method of though control, with only information on one side of the issue a large number of people will start to belive that this side is the truth and but unable (and even unwilling) to question it.

I find it very scary when a compagnie that made it's job of getting information acessible to a wide range of people on almost every subjet with no filter would make a version of their search engine adapted to censor information at a governements will. What is the scariest about this is what stop them from doing it more subtily to our result to support some agenda. What will prevent it in the furtur from being used as a propaganda tool agains unpopular ideas from one group of people or another?

I belive that there should be only one rule to the internet: "there shall be no barrier to knowledge and information." Sure that as some big danger (proliferation of child pornography and exterme ideology like the NAZI ideology) but I belive that those are small in comparaison of a totally controled internet when information and knowledge are at the mercy of someone who probably only has is best interest at hear not our own.

Apparently people do stupid thing for cigarette

Here a bit of news I find particullary interesting in short a 10 hours bank robbery/hostage situation was stoped because the gunman had to smoke. Now you know me I'm really again smoking and cigarette but when it hell stop hostage situation I must give it credit where it is due so here it is a cigarete add by me:

Cigarette! so addictive you'll be too stupid to see simple trick most monkey wouldn't fall for!


With people smoking cigarette you will never have to worry about being held hostage again! Cigarette will make sure your captor has to take cigarette break to liberate you.

I know I shouldn't laught because the people taken hostage had a very long and hard time but when I hear that the guy fell to the police leaving a pack of cigarette outside, I can't help but smile at the stupidity of it all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The perfect MMORPG

I've been playing World of Warcraft for a while now and before that I had play city of Heroes, both are Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) and suffer from quite a few problem in my mind that keept them from being the "perfect" online game. The fact that many things keep me from "fully" enjoying the game (City of Heroes was the worse I got tired of it in less then 2 months!) made me think about what would be needed to have the "perfect" MMORPG.

1) Player driven instead of Environnement driven. Player should be the driving force being the MMORPG, they should be the heroes and the villain. Their should be many faction in the game but none should be based on moral ideas as to make sure no faction is the "good" or the "evil" one.

2) Everything should be fluid and react to the players action. Say the players kill a very large number of goblin in region x... well goblin become rarer spawn more rarely and eventually disapear replaced (or not) by something else. Or they could move to another region to plague another part of the world, or a goblin "heroes" could rise up and lead raids again the city and player making goblin more agressive. Everything to make the world computer environement to react to the players action. Also faction territory and holding should always be in a stade of flux, say for exemple their is a mine under one faction control and that somehow players from another faction manage to kill/drive off all opposing faction they should after a lenght of time gain control of the ressource (possibly making their faction richer and more powerfull)

3) The action of the NPCs should be as varied as possible, you should be able to commander troops in a siege situation, recruit your own troop by your prestige, tell an NPC to follow you, have them build new building or rebuild destroyed building. In short NPC should be more then seller, quest giver and decoractioin or cannon folder.

4) PvP (player vs player) should be promoted in a logical way. What I mean that the completly random killing of player from other faction should not be rewarding and probably should be penalised. However killing player defending places or attacking one of your base should be rewarded. You should also be able to get "missions" to kill the most succesfull player of your level of power in an opposing faction.

5) Action should also be heard about, say Bob the fighter killed the big bad dragon that was terorizing town x well then after a while town y should know about it and be able to refere to Bob as a dragon slayer or something like that.

6) The world should be huge, with thousan of NPC and fully detailed with stuff everywhere, there should be an hiden city in the montain, underwater caves and city, cloud city and fantasty city. Just exploring the world should take months of times and be full of oh my god moment.

7) The growth of player character should be unlimited, no level cap (in fact I'd prefer if there where no level).

8) Player equipement should be taken into account when considering the "level" of a character. the guy that use a second character to send better stuff to the first should be considered more power then the guy who doesn't. Just like the guy who gets very lucky.

9) Powers should be many, each class (if there is class) should have a whole lot of power, most of which should not be availlable from conventional trainer.

10) There should be many skills with many different effect and player should only be able to specialise in a very few.

11) Marchant's inventory should change to reflect what people sells to them.

12) Price should follow (even from NPC) the trend shown in the auction house. If thing A sells for 9 gold in the auction house marchant shouldn't sell it for 2 but only rarely

13) It's a RPG game it shouldn't be about who can click the best or faster but about the player and roleplaying. That doesn't mean player skill are not require just that they should not be the dominant faction

14) Player should have option in everything, they should be able to make pick up game of capture the flag, build themself a inn in the middle of no where, stuff like that. Options that what would make a game really great.

In fact I think the 14th point resume my thoughs on the perfect MMORPG perfectly give player options not restriction. Lets say you have a demon summoning class let them sell the character soul for more power, or bind demon into gem to prevent their evil from spreading across the world. Make the player able to build a new city in the cloud or to wage war again a underground dwarf city. Make a group of player able to hide stuff and them play a treasure hunt. Let a player forge excalibur and become the new king of Avalon and then other player work a revolution when he is found unfair by the populace. Make the populace defend the king if they find him just and dethrone him in a bloody revolte if he isn't. Let the megalomanic wizard player build a tower from where he will unleash legion of undead on the world be stoped by the young new character. Make most option not a matter of power but a matter of imagination.

Wouldn't that be a game that everyone would want to play?

Another minority

Yesterday the conservatives (Torries) where choosen by the people of canada has their next governement. They did not succed in getting the majority of the seats in parlement meaning that we now have a second minority government in a row. Unlike the majority of my friend I wanted the torries to win this election and be a majority (most of it not all of my friend thought that this would have been a fate worse then death). My reasons where quite simple we need change, lots of change and the only party that seemed to be willing to look at all aspect of canadian society was the torries, they where also the only party willing to leave everything to an open vote in the chamber of parlement (at least that was their promise, now we will see if it actually happens). Both point are very important for me as I fell their are many "sacred" aspect of canadian society that need to be reevaluated and that deputy should only be representing their electors NOT a party line or any other external factor to the electors.

Now, the problem I can see for the moment is the distribution of the minority, according to the SRC we have

Torries 124
Liberal 103
Bloc 51
NPD 29
André Arthur 1

Which mean that the only way the torries can have a majority of votes is an alliance with the Bloc any other alliance (such as the NPD+André Arthur) leaves them with a ties again the "opposion". Now I don't want the Bloc and Torries to work together as I think that in the long term that will be bad for Canada. The bloc needs to be "driven" out of federal politic and the best way to do that (in my opinion) is to show that they are basically useless, i.e. that their voice do not influence decision. As you can see in this set up we have the needed to achieve majority problem.

Oh well it's too early to say how things are going to go but still I hope things will change for the better and that we will not be having another election in 6 month. And frankly I can't wait to see how André Arthur will fare in parlement. One last thing there is something I really hated about the SRC coverage of the election last night: they kept mentioning the stance of the deputy on gay wedding after they where defeated or elected. I can't help but wonder why and what was so important about this stance to mention it so often, it not like they all made their campaign on this...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Well I learned something today

Another random girl message me on ICQ (I get usually 10 or 20 authorisation requests from people on ICQ a week.. ) usually when a random person message me I ignore it, but sometimes out of random curiosity (I,d like to point out that before talking to the person I have no idea of their identity at all) I answer a few question. Well today I meet a girl from Kyrgystan, a former republic of the Soviet Union that until that second I had no idea existed. Isn't it fun how you can learn new thing from random meeting?

Life little annoyance caught up with me

Well well well let me post about something that really annoys the hell out of me. Some of my reader are gulty of having done it to me at least once or twice but some people (one in particular that I will not name) seems to do it to me quite often. In fact as I think of it everytime I am pissed about this particular thing it comes from this person... probably because I figure as an engineer he should know better. E-mails about computer virus, there are only few thing that annoy me more then receiving a mail telling me about a new "virus". All those mail are writen on the same format:

A comment by the forwarding person about normally not forwarding this kind of thing (I'd like to point out that I only received this from people that "normally" don't foward those thing...) then a message from a friend or familly of the fowarding person who apparently knows a lot more about computer then they do saying that this is a real threat and that you should tell all your acquitances. It tell you not to open/look at/download an e-mail with a simple title like: "A virtual card for you" or "you won a million dollars!". Then a description of how this is a terrible virus that does something to a part of your computer the average user knows nothing about (or that simply do not exist!). The an official like statement saying that some computer security firm (usually Symentec) says that it is a big threat. Follows a warning that Mcafee (and/or Norton) as not yet find a vacinne againts this virus and that Microsoft consider it the greatest threat to computer since the jack hammer.

None let me tell you something, 99,9999999999% of all those mail (and I don't say 100% simply because their might be a one eventually someday, maybe, if we are really lucky, that will not fit what I am about to say) are hoax! Yes hoax as in as likely to happen as the penis enlargement ad you receive is to work. Before forwarding any such mail PLEASE I BEG OF YOU do two things: first remove my name from the list of people you are forwarding it to and second look on the web at sites like: hoaxbuster and see if your virus isn't already listed as an hoax.

I received a mail yesterday about some deadly virus that apparently delete the 0 sector of my hard drive, which according to the mail means my data is lost forever. This virus is very deadly neither Mcafee nor Microsoft have vaccine for it and it is contracted simply by openning a mail with the title "A virtual card for you". Now with a little 2 minute search on the net revealed a few things: it an hoax, it's been around since 2000 and the text of the refering mail hasn't changed since also Mcafee as a very good solutioni again this virus: do nothing it doesn't exist! And as you could guess from the above post it really annoyed me, please people stop being sheep and blinding forwarding anything people send you and do a little research on it. Most (if not all the time) you will find that it is only a waste of time.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hollow Earth

Yofed asked me to update my blog just as the same time as I decided to make a post about a podcast I heard. The podcast is beyondscience it is a podcast about stuff that are "beyond science" i.e things that science isn't advanced enought to explain or that are theories not yet reconized by the scientific community. They talk about things like antigravity, alien abduction angels and stuff of that nature, they use very articulate and informed speaker that put the subject in a quasi scientific way. One of their show was about a "scientific" theory called hollow earth.

Hollow Earth is as it name indicate the theory that the earth is not a quasi solid ball of matter but an hollow shell with life and stuff in the middle. It claims that the Earth cross is some 300 km deep and much more dense then what we think and that every planet bigger then 600 km radius is hollow. Up to now there is nothing in the theory that is really easilly disprovable (well aside from the observation of sound wave from earth quake that are consistant with an solid core earth...) since it would not change anything to any models of the solar system or gravity. Next this particular proponent of the hollow earth theory claims that the human race probably has evolved (along with thousand or millions of other species not seen on the surface). He said that the inside of the shell would experience a slightly lower gravity lower gravity (and that human are adapted to this slightly lower gravity explaining some of the "difficulty" of human on the surface) and this is where I call it bull.

An attractive force on a spherical shell as some interesting proprieties, no that this is in no way tied to the theory of a core filled earth, gravity or any other theory the hollow earth guy call false or misguided, it is simply doing the mathematic of an attractive force no matter the kind. Also this as been proven by experiment with hollow shells. To understand the proprieties let my try to explain them to you in non mathematical terms (advaced if yomath are kind hard to duplicate on the web). First off you probably agree that outside the shell the force pulls toward the center, if you put an object and draw arrow toward every point of the sphere no arrow are symetrical and the lenght of the arrow is the inverse of the pull it experience. Adding all those arrow together with get you a single arrow pointing toward the center. Up to now no problem, but if you look at the inside of the sphere now problem appears. If you try the same experience you see that there are arrow pointing in opposite direction. In fact you probably have at least two arrow that are exactly the same lenght but in exact opposite direction. The effect of the force of those two arrows on the object is exactly zero. If you take a small angle not directly below the object but having it appex at the object and project it on the other side you find that they cover a much larger area on the other side of the sphere. If you add the arrows of those two side (pulling toward the sphere close to object and the one pulling toward the the sphere far from the object) you find that the two resulting arrow are of the same lenght but opposing direction i.e their net effect on the object is zero. Now you will ask but what about the point directly bellow the object... well exactly the same thing happen the other side cancel this attraction exactly. The end result is simple: in the inside of an hollow shell producing an attractive force their is no net force. Meaning that inside an hollow earth the gravity is exactly 0. This phenomena explain why if you dug deep enough you would find that the earth gravity you felt would be lower: less and less matter would contribut to the gravity you fell.

Event if before the gravity argument I was pretty sure that the hollow earth theory could not work (the density of earth would have to be about 20 times larger then what is measured with radio wave) but I was willing to give it a chance. However considering that it is impossible for most if not all of the prediction of this theory (i.e. life and gravity inside the shell) to be true (without having to resort to any theory they do not find acceptable, simply by looking at how an attractive force work..) I have to say that this is an impossible situation. Hell even if the species living inside had somewhow find a way to build gravity generator it couldn't produce a gravity all over the sphere. In short the earth "could" be hollow but nothing could be living inside.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hmm how about an appropriate title.

Right now in the physic departement we have a small, but important conflict between the directors and the graduate student. The problem comes from the cut in the departement budget from the smaller number of inscription every year (all science are suffering from this which is another bad sign for our society). Now last december the departement signed contract with many student to have them as teaching assistant in class, however the departement signed them before knowing how many student they would be and how much money they would have to pay them based on previous years expectation. Now this year is very peculiar as we have a dramatic reduction in student for some class, meaning that the departement now find itself in the position of lacking money for all the contract it signed. Now most student do not mind having their our cut somewhat, however one student did not. He went to the departement director and basicly told him something like: "Sorry you signed a contract and I want that money." If it had stoped there we wouldn't have a problem but instead the director send a mail out to every graduated student saying: "If you try to keep your legal right you won't get any more job from the departement ever".

Needless to say that didn't go very well with the grad student, so we asked him to meet with us to discuss alternative to his cut. The answer: "Since you informed the teachers and undergrad of the situation I won't talk to you and they will not be any more TA ever." For me that a bad news since I need the money from my TA jobs. I find the director reactor to be kind of childish and right now I am wondering how this thing will be solved. Apparently the teachers agree with the director decision but that for the moment just a rumor.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Debate? what debate?

Canadian politicien should revise their dictonary. They seem to mistake debate for monologues. Yes last night it was the third of four organised monologues on preselected themes for the 3 main party chief and the useless single province clown representant. The monologues where aranged as follow, each one of the participant where asked the same question that they would answer in turn, then if some "interesting"(you know like no one really cares) and "spontaneous" (you know like planned) question came up on of the participant monologues the host would ask the "conserned" (you know like a random participant) party to answer a "related" (in the same way you are related to a proton at the end of the univers) question. The participant will then continu on a "impromptu" (you know like something you've been preparing for the past 5 years) answer. At least the question where less fake the the previous ones, where "people" (read a preselected samble of "representative" of the population i.e woman, gai, young, old, amerindian, and immigrant) in the audiance asked literal question they did not even look to understand.

They claim they want to convince people to go and vote but with debate like that they only succed in boring people away from politics. Give us a good old not gun barred debat where every subject is up for grab and every question can be brought on the table by any participant or member of the audiance (audiance that is composed of: who ever shows up for the LIVE debate). And for god sake don't prepare de debat in advance any question can be ask from the price of a meal to hard and cold question about the futur government spending. Remove the political correctness from the debate, it's not that we want personal attack but we want the candidate to be able to ask the question not pet each other into answering whatever the other party wants. Oh and one last thing: their should only be ONE debat wich should take part in both official languages and with no set time limit except that a politician not saying anything should be stoped by the moderator.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ah familly

Well I don't remember if I talked about this before but until recently (about one year ago) my dad's familly weren't talking to each other. A typical argument about a dead parent's money that wouldn't be solve because each side though they knew the truth and didn't want to hear the other side truth. But this year I finally had a few familly diners with this side of my familly and i can safely say that even after 8 years it is easy to see that we are familly I must also say that I prefer this side of my familly to the other.

They are in short more fun, when they are around the disccusion are passionate, the jokes are funny (well they are my familly so I understand it might be a surprise but trust me) and it fells like familly. Unlike the other side of my familly (my mothers) where well the people are boring, a typical party with them involve standing around and waiting for the parent to give out benediction for the new year (no I am not kidding).

In short I'm very happy to be able to enjoy this side of my familly again, I have a lot of catching up to do with them and since they almost all live in Quebec city like me well that give me a lot of opportunity to meet them.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've been a naughty voter this year

Like the tittle say I've been a naughty voter this year around. I haven't been keeping any tab on the current federal campaign in Canada, probably because the first few days where boring as hell but hey I have to be informed I should be trying to find out what I can about those issue the candidate are and aren't raising.

I resolve then to be a better voter until the vote and keep myself informed! I hope it will work and the general boredoom of this election won't get to me again.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cooking is hard work

Well yofed was right, cooking is hard work. I'm making a spaghetti sauce at the moment and all the cuting and mixing is getting to be a little work out. Well not something really hard but at least something that can be considered an exercise ;-)

Cooking to get in shape, that could be a new fad, make lots and lots of foot and get in shape! well as long as you do not eat all that food it might work ;-p I wonder if a cooking work out would look completly crazy or just weird.

Oh well that my thoughts for the day.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Resolution #7 underway

Like I said yesterday one of the goal I have set for this year is to become a better french writer. I choose to do that by writing story on a blog and trying to make them as mistake free as possible, and also asking for the net communauty for corrections and comments on those story. Today I made the first post on this blog: Le temps d'une histoire. Where you will find, in the future a number of story writen by yours trully in french and hopefully they will get more readable as I go along. If you understand french I hope you will read those story and try to help me become a better writer.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolution 2006

Unlike some people I don't normally make new year resolution infact that last I made was in 2000 and it was more of a joke the anything. But this year there are a few things I want to make my goals for the next year. So without further rambling I give you like yofed my list of resolution:

1. NOT GET PREGNANT ;-p sorry yofed coudln't resist making that joke
2. Work longer hours on my phd
3. Clean my appartement more regularly and more completly
4. Listen more to people when they talk
5. Care more about what other people thing and say
6. Post more often on my blog
7. Start a french story writing blog so that I can get people to read my story and help me learn my french so that I can finally write corretly.
8. Stop waiting to find a girlfriend and live
9. Restart my excercie "program" that I stoped when I moved
10. Read the sentences when I read not what I think they mean (that goes with #7)

So that about it, according to the average track record of people in Canada I should be able at least to keep #1 and perhaps one or two of the others. But I'm really hopefull for #1 it should be too hard. I'll look back in 2007 and give you an idea of how my resolution where kept.

A new year eve...

Well first Happy new year to everyone, may 2006 be a year to be remembered for it good things!

Second well as the title say I will be going on and on about my new year eve party. Normally my new year eve is about as interesing as watching paint dry, well maybe not that bad but it's probably close, in my familly the only parties are on new year day so new year eve is just a boring old day of the year. In fact that might surprise you but it is the last day of the year (oh and did you hear next year it will be a friday the 13th... yeah scary hey?). So yesterday afternoon when I was getting my ass kicked in Warsong glutch pvp of World of Warcraft so bad by the horde (DAMN SHAMAN!) my friend (more on him latter it's quite funny) dropped me a line between to battleground event saying: " Hey wanna come to god forsaken hole town #234 and go to a bar with friend #2?" looking at my schedule I had no other choose then saying: "hmm yeah sure!"

So we go to god forskane hole town #234 (friend #2 that lives and work there confirmed that just about everyone we would see that night where cousin of some level or another...) and to a dooly's bar. For those not in the know that a pool bar. So we go there to drink, talk and generally oogle cute girl. Well at 10h30 pm the cute girls where few and far between let me tell you. Friends #2 as a residant of the place knew just about everybody from the waitress to the DJ and bouncer got us relatively good seats in the bar and we started "drinking" (I won't call drinking bud drinking). A friends of the DJ meet us with us to talk and we philosophised on the reality of life and relasionship. Suddently friend as to go to the bathroom (yes this is important for the story) about 20 second after he enter the bathroom the countdown to 2006 begins.. so the guy is there in the peeing while it goes 6, 5, 4... After the traditional HAPPY NEW YEAR he comes out all pissed up, saying something like Damn that a shitty way to break the new year.

Well anyway all that preambule to say that this year started relatively well for me, a lot of pretty girl where at the bar finally (there where at least one drop dead gorgeous, who for our viewing pleasure spend a lot of time dancing...) and for the first time in my life I got asked for my phone number by a girl I didn't know before. Don't get your hopes up there ain't any chance for a relasionship there, she a smoker (biggest turn off I have), 37 (kinda old for me) and has 6 children (not that it is bad but I wan children of my own) but she a really nice girl that I would love to have as a friend (wish is why I gave her my number anyway and I tried to make that clear).

So that was a little boost to my self confidance as well as a pretty good party with some friends, all in all a much better new year eve that I had expected. Latter this week my new year resolution! At least the new year resolution that I fully expect to have forgotten in the next 3 weeks.