Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well look who is the men of the year

Well Time as put up who his it's men of the year, in the US version of the publication it is quite simple, it's you.. well only you if you play with youtube, blog, have a myspace account and stuff like that, basically if you are a part of the "new" web. Personally I say blah! Seriously, between you and me, you really don't deserve the title of men of the year, what have you done that is so great? You participate in social web site? Wow, really impressive, so do I and I'm not the men of the year it's you... (yeah I'm just kidding for that last part.)

Now, in Canada Time Canada has it's own men of the year, and no it is not you (what you don't have enought of being the USA men of the year?), no it is someone much more loved by the average Quebecer. Yeah the souverainist favorite hero: Stephen Harper! Sarcasm just doesn't translate well to text but still. Anyway the question becomes does he deserve it? Well we cannot argue that he fufill most of his promises up to now and that he as been an astute politician. While I do not agree with all his decision and policy, I must say that he did mark Canadian politic this year, you cannot deny that everyone else in politic has been watching him and trying to follow. Even with a minority governement he made some interesting decisions.

So in the end congradulation to you and Stephen Harper, it might not mean much but they are time magasin men of the year.

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Krimpoff said...

Let's be clear. I don't really like Stephen Harper. His political views were good 50 years ago (maybe).

But when you think of man of the year, you think about someone who managed to change things in the actual year. Someone who manages to create (or un-create) something that people will remember.

When I read your text, I thought, yeah, I can name a few people better than him for the title. And I thought about it... and found no one. There's no Canadian that came this year and changed things, and make news in a way that we will remember. Harper, even though we could question his ways, did that.