Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stephane Dion... what the fuck?

Well the liberal party of Canada just elected his new leader, and in a bid to find someone even less charismatic then Stephen Harper they opted for another stephen: Stephane Dion. Now I don't have anything agains the guy, I don't know him personally but seriously he doesn't sound like someone I'd want at the head of my country (or any country for that matter, he is probably better then kim Jon il but lets not under estimate the man before he is in office shall we.)

Anyway, I really don't think that this is the way to beat the Torries, well maybe that the liberal's goal, become so pathetic that they don't get more then two seats (remember Charest and the Torries?) maybe they belive that sympathie will give them more vote in two elections. Or maybe they want the bloc Quebecois to be the news governement, a minority one but still. We never know how the wise Liberal will go.

Oh well if worse comes to past it will give a chance to the NPD to actually lead the country for once.


Krimpoff said...

Honestly, why do you care?
Dion won't do much, but the others were not very good anyway, since the Liberal Party seems that it did not evolve at all since the dinosaurs.

And to beat the Torries... again, why do you care? As long as they are a minority leader, they are harmless. The only party that has something new to offer to Canada is the NDP, and they will not win.

So whoever leads the Liberal Party won't change a thing at all in Canadian politics.

yofed said...

Wow! I am really impressed that some people from Quebec actually do think the NDP has something to offer to the country, since they are not represented there... That's nice to hear! :)

asaathi said...

Actually that one of the reason I do care, it won't change anything. The liberal party had the opportunity to find itself a leader, someone that could be an inspiration and bring project and a new vison to Canada and their party. Instead we get Stephane "Blah" Dion who is a perfect exemple of everything that is wrong in politics.

What we need is another politician with guts, a vision and charisma. Canada needs its John F Kennedy, its Winston Churchill, its Charle de Gaule or hell even another Trudeau.

Minority governement have an advantage in a the sense that it is pretty sure they will not screw the country too badly, however they have the problem of being unable to do any real long term planing. And by long term I mean in the pharaonic sences, the next 100 or 1000 years.

Each time I see a new politician rising who is simply a copy of all the politicien of the last 20 years it scares me. It means that the environmental crisis we might be facing or the economical desaster we could encounter will not find solution. their will only be attempt to find someone else to put the blame on. Well, the blame is easy to pin point: We gave them the power and we keep giving them more and more.

Krimpoff said...

Actually, after some thinking, I think that Stéphane Dion may be a not so bad candidate for Prime Sinister.

He is a smart guy (in a nerd kind of way) and has a slighty less narrow view of "the whole picture". He also is a hard worker. This means a lot to one of the (theoritically) harder job this country has to offer.

However, I don't like many of his ideas, and I don't like the Liberal Party, so it won't change my political views.

As for the NDP comment, yes they actually offer something new and fresh, but their "talon d'Achille" is and always has been their economical standpoint. You cannot give money like they want to do without screwing something big and bad. And not everyone "deserves" more money, I think they are blind on this side (although one could argue about those who are actually getting money right now, and rightly so, but the NDP is adamant about it).