Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scared twice in a day.

Well, after the white dolphin extinction , I found another piece of news that "scared" me. Well scared is not the right word, it more like confirmed a worse case scenario I had and will only give munition to groups seeking to promote falacious ideas. You see, a group of scientist in the United State of America as signed a statement protesting about political interference in research (news link). While this news is good, the underlying information is scary as hell, for scientist to make such a statement means that there where political interferences, and according to the article such interference took a 1984 like form. They were apparently pressure to modify scientific data to conform to the current administration policy.

In a way it like saying: well we want climate change not to exist so please publish data that shows that climate change does not exist. But instead of saying please you point a .45 at the scientist head (figuratively of course). What you get of course is a nice happy governement capable of saying see we took the right decision based on "scientific" data. Even worse, it means that future study referencing the data will be wrong and that years (probably not more then a few luckilly) will be "lost" to a political decision.

Also, this give the arguement for science opposant (like the guys for inintelligent design) that science is in fact just a fad, a policy influenced organism (well in a way it is but usually not the data itself), something that is not more rigourous then creationism, spiritism or divination. It also put into doubt the whole scientific method which is the corner stone of research and our knowledge. Not to mention that we do not know how long this as been going and where else in the world as it happened (maybe Canada, some of Stephen Harper's minister have strange ideas regarding evolution and climate change for exemple.)

I've long dreaded with the raise of religious extremist in the world the begining of a new dark age, it seems that we might be at the edge of it. Their might be still time to prevent our fail into darkness (hopefully like the previous one it will still be filled with little lights, and some area of the world will still be beacons of light) but we have to realise the problem first.

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