Friday, December 15, 2006

Product placement

You probably have all noticed/know about the product placement marketing, you know the art of showing in a movie an actor (or more precisely his character) showing a product for a quick zoom with the camera. You probably noticed those movies where they show a can of coke or pepsi for like 30 second for no reason. Well yeah that product placement, Krimpoff could probably say a lot more about it. Anyway, what i want to talk about is the product placement by a particular compagnie, one we don't usually associate with marketing like this: apple.

As a mac owner I tend to notice when I see a mac laptop in a movie or tv show and for the last year or so it seem that just about every character in a movie own a mac laptop. I've seen teenager in movies using powerbook laptop (which makes me jealous since I can't afford them), reporter doing their report on ibook. I've also seen police people using their own eBook to compile information and search for correlation.

I don't mind, except that when a movie is supposed to be set in the real world I expect stuff to fit with the real world I know. That means most people use PC. Oh well I don't mind so much as find it intriguing, and I expect that in a few years/month pc manufacture will plug in their own laptop in movies.

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Krimpoff said...

You can argue which is better, Mac or PC, but you cannot argue about the "cool factor" that is the trend with everything MacIntosh those years.

And "cool factor" is a huge seller, so expect to see more and more Mac in movies and tv as long as this trend is on.

Not many people like the "too ordinary" hero (in that case being the one with a pc).