Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nice to know good and evil are coded.

"I've been hearing for a while a direct association made between idea from the "right" and evilideas and by opposition ideas proposed by the "left" and good ideas. Well that something thatbother me, I don't think you can build an argument that way or even say that historically theright" (or even the religious right) as been responsibale for more evil then the left.

It like the old "argument" of saying something is what the Nazi or Hitler as done and saying see that evil... The problem with this reasoning is that something is evil not because someone did it, but because it is evil in itself. For exemple, instoring a program to kill all member of a religion or ethnic group is evil, vegetarism isn't.. yet both where practiced by Hitler. So could we finally stop associating morals to political factions and reserve it for the ideas themself? It might really help us open our mind and build a better world.

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Krimpoff said...

You are right!

So you are evil!