Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The high school sweetheart myth

The high school sweetheart, you know the girl you are supposed to meet if you are a guy and make you life with. Usually the legend goes that you as captain of the football team will fall in love with the head cheerleader (which is incidentally according to legend not only the leader of the cheerleader but the best head giver of them all… but that might just be a rumor.) Apparently, it can also work for any couple that meets in high school and later gets married (very important the marriage part) preferably without having dated or being sexually active before their declaration of love.

Anyway, this would be the “perfect” American dream kind of way of finding love. I call bullshit! I think this myth is part of the high school is the best year of your life deal that apparently fills our society (if it was the best part of your life will congratulation… and enjoy the 60 or so other years you will have to live), you know how that by being successful in high school you will be successful in life (I’d advice not to check this, from my experience you would be very disappointed.)

Now why would I asaathi be ranting about that on the 26th of December, well because I watch the latest American pie this morning (the Fifth one if you are counting, a direct to DVD release call the Naked Mile) and the high school sweetheart thing is basically the point of this whole movie. The story is has follow, a Stiffler is a virgin because it’s girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex, since she doesn’t want him to break up with her over lack of sex, she decide to give him a guilt free pass for a weekend he will be spending with his cousin in a college dormitory. Of course 20 second after he depart she decide to revoke the pass but can’t reach him. The Stiffler at the college is surrounded by big breasted slutty college girl and in about 20 seconds find one that not only would sleep with a high school kid but as a virgin fetish (I kid you not.. oh don’t read the next part if you don’t want any spoilers… if spoilers can be produce for a romantic comedy.) As we watch the girlfriend’s friends try to convince her to sleep with someone to “be on the same dating step” we have Stiffler realize he loves the girlfriend and runs to her. After a slight problem he meets with her and all her misgiving about sex magically disappear and they have magical first time sex. The predictable end.

I usually like romantic comedies but for some reason probably the whole virgin high school sweetheart perfect love kind of deal I found this movie pathetic... well the fact that the actress playing the sweetheart probably weight less then her dress didn’t help. Anorexia isn’t sexier then the half-ton look (and before you say anything, I’ve always said I found woman that are too thin as unattractive as fat woman.) Not to mention that there is no chemistry between her and the Stiffler guy. So I give the high school sweetheart myth a big old thumb down.

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