Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Evolution at work or apocalypse in the making?

Reading the news like I do every morning since 9/11 I fell upon a rather troublesome news: China's white dolphin is now extinct. It is always worrisome to hear that the biological diversity of earth has lost another member, particullarly one that has been around for the past 30 millions years (15 times longer then us human if you are counting.)

It is particullary worrisome that we are seeing an ever increasing number of species extinction in our times as it might be a sign that we are at the begining of another mass extinction. The last few of those were not that interesting for large land dwelling species like for example humans. However on the other hand mass extinction have usually being good over all the the evolutions of species and the replacement of the biological diversity.

In a way, bad for us good for the world, however as one of those strange egoist people I'd prefere to have humanity survive...

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